Vesta in Aries, Vesta in Taurus, Vesta in Gemini, Vesta in Cancer

vesta.jpg Vesta in Aries

You find purity and spiritual connection through physical activity and challenge.

You are at your best and shine your brightest when you’ve overcome struggle and proven your physical power. Exercising persistence and being an advocate for others is part of your sacred mission.

You may have rituals that revolve around dance, exercise or physical activities. You may also see it as part of your spiritual mission to fight for others and to become a leader.

You are at your best when you can take charge and move quickly to accomplish your goals. Your dreams and ambitions fuel your sense of spiritual purpose and devotion.

At some point in your life, you may be called upon to sacrifice what is most important to you in terms of your personal ambition so that you can lead others and help others heal and advance.

Vesta in Taurus

You are at your best and most productive when you feel comfortable and connected to nature.

Part of your sacred mission can involve creating abundance, both financially and through working with the land and natural resources. You may feel purified by gardening, caring for animals or walking through the woods.

You are drawn to others as a spiritual healer who may draw on ancient wisdom and the use of herbal remedies in your work. You have a practical, down to earth way of creating spiritual connection.

You may find it purifying to relax in the comforts of your favorite outdoor setting, to camp, hike, or spend time in the garden. Making food from scratch and even growing your own food is a spiritual experience for you.

Your rituals involve creating abundance and caring for your physical needs and comforts on a regular basis.

Vesta in Gemini

Your sacred mission is to create understanding and connection as a Messenger.

You are at your best when you can mingle with your peers and both teach and learn from others. Your most important rituals involve sharing knowledge, communication and writing.

You may find talent for automatic writing or inspired writing. Your channel to the Divine is clear when you put pen to paper. You can also find the right words of inspiration to help heal others.

Though you are drawn to social settings and feel more fulfilled when you are connected to others, there may be a period in your life in which you take on the sacrifices in order to purify yourself and enhance how you learn, for instance turning away from logic in order to open intuitive communication.

You feel purified and fulfilled when you can stimulate your mind and learn new things and also when you are in the process of writing, speaking or teaching others.

Vesta in Cancer

You are at your best when you are in the comforts of home or among family members.

Your sacred mission is to nurture others and provide emotional healing and connection. You help to make others feel secure so they can grow and further develop their gifts.

Your sacred mission is to care for the emotional well being of those around you. You can feel more connected to Spirit through your intuition and nurturing tendencies. When you are creating a sense of home, caring for family or helping others create a feeling of being home, you are fulfilling your sacred mission.

You may have daily rituals that protect your home or which establish your home as your sanctuary. You may also, at some point, be called upon to make sacrifices for the sake of bringing greater emotional security to others.

When you need to recharge or realign with your sense of purpose, the ocean, or other waterways can be purifying and fulfilling for you. So can spending time caring for children or family members.

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