Ceres and Eros aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you nurture your erotic desires?

By 12andus

Ceres-Eros-Conj.jpg Ceres conjunct Eros in the birth chart

You find it easy to nurture your erotic desires and sexual fantasies.

Your fetishes and fantasies can be practical and relate to abundance, security and having your physical needs satisfied. You can also find deep fulfillment and satisfaction by following your erotic desires.

You may find greater grounding and stabilization by expressing your erotic nature as well. You can easily explore your fantasies and sexual desires when you take the time to pamper yourself and nurture yourself in other ways as well.

You can become infatuated with a partner who is attentive to your physical needs and who pampers you and tends to your practical needs. You may also become infatuated by the desires to be secure in a relationship rather than to have too much adventure.

Ceres sextile Eros in the birth chart

You may find comfort and satisfaction in erotic interactions that involve sensuality.

You need to feel comfortable and secure in order to open up sexually. You may also have erotic fantasies about nurturing or caretaking those close to you. Your intimate partners may be people who seem to need nurturing or who appeal to your desire to be parental or protective.

You may have a desire to bring comfort and emotional connection to those you are intimately involved with and can find deeper satisfaction in your sexual relationships when you have some practical way of nurturing others.

Ceres square Eros in the birth chart

You may have to make adjustments or changes to your beliefs from family or early childhood so that you can open up to your erotic desires.

A parent or early caregiver may have had strong beliefs that still have a stifling influence on your attitude toward sexual pleasure. You may feel hindered from showing your erotic desires because of attitudes about practicality in relationships, feeling the need to be securely in a marriage before enjoying a sexual connection, for example.

Yet you may eventually enjoy a more fulfilling sex life if you are able to adjust your ideas and opinions regarding sexual relationships and erotic pleasure.

Ceres trine Eros in the birth chart

You may find it easy to express your erotic nature.

You can be practical and down to earth when it comes to sexuality but you want intimate encounters to be a deeply sensual experience. You don’t have many hang ups regarding sex and have a healthy appreciation for your own sexual needs and appetites.

You can be nurturing and comforting to your sexual partner and you may have a deep desire to be comforted and nurtured as part of your sexual experiences.

Ceres opposite Eros in the birth chart

You may feel disconnected from your erotic nature.

Your love of earthy, practical, sensual erotic nature can lead you to suppress your fantasies and sexual nature. You may have been led by your early caregivers to believe that your erotic nature or sexual desires are unnatural or taboo.

Yet if you work through these hang ups and messages you can find a balance between your desire for fulfillment and security and your desire to express your deep desires and explore your fetishes.

You may feel conflicted about the desire to appear pure and innocent but also the desire to express your deeper fantasies that don’t quite fit into this framework.

Yet you can come to create a balance between these two desires. When you do, you may create an innocent appearance that helps you explore your deeper fantasies in new ways.

Ceres quincunx Eros in the birth chart

You may find it challenging to express your erotic nature.

The influence of early caregivers may make you anxious about your sexuality. You may feel insecure about your sexual desires or feel you need to suppress or stifle your desires.

You may have to work through inner fears and anxieties to become more confident in who you are as a sexual being. When you do, you can become more confident expressing your desires and exploring your fantasies.

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