Moon in Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we support each other?

moon.jpg Composite Moon in Sagittarius

Your relationship is supported by shared philosophy and spiritual mission.

You both need to explore the world together. Your emotional connection is built on a respect for freedom and independence even within the relationship.

You support each other by giving each other space to grow and expand. You may also broaden each other’s beliefs and wisdom.

Your shared interests in spirituality, ethics, and advancement can be a sustaining factor in the relationship. It may seem counterintuitive, but the best way to nurture this relationship is to respect each other’s individuality.

Neither of you wants to be smothered. Your relationship is better suited to a fair amount of breathing room.

You both need to expand each other’s wisdom and horizons in order for this relationship to feel satisfying and nurturing.

This relationship may also involve some exotic elements. Even at a long distance or across cultural differences, the two of you are more likely to excite than repel each other.

Composite Moon in Capricorn

Your relationship needs to be supported by traditions and consistent work, even tedious routines.

It’s the little things that count for the two of you. The routines of making each other’s coffee or going for a daily walk together.

The relationship is sustained by practical acts of nurturing and generosity. When one of you makes sure the other’s car is warmed up in the winter, or folds the other’s laundry to perfection, these are acts of love.

You nurture each other through the act of daily chores. Taking responsibility for each other’s comforts and security also support this relationship.

You both may believe that toil equals love. Working to ensure a solid foundation is the way you both show each other love. You both believe hard work sustains a relationship.

You both lean on tradition and ritual to feel comfortable. A big source of support in this relationship is the repetition of favorite traditions from the past.

Composite Moon in Aquarius

You both support each other through shocking and unconventional acts of encouragement.

You inspire each other in unusual ways. Your relationship needs to be bound by a shared sense of humanitarian mission.

You are both restless and need to create radical change in order to feel supported and fulfilled. When you tell each other your wild fantasies and dreams, unconditional support is the best response.

Neither of you wants to be confined or controlled. You both need to have an equal amount of alone and together time. Neither will want to be smothered.

You both support each other through your creativity, especially when it comes to being open to extreme views and unorthodox ideas.

You need to be able to find nonjudgmental solace in intellectual conversations that would not be understood by the average person.

You both need to be willing to hear each other’s unusual ideas and hold space for each other’s seemingly extreme reactions. Passion and tension keep this relationship from becoming boring.

Composite Moon in Pisces

Your relationship is sustained by powerful emotional connection and intuition. Your compassion for each other runs deep.

Spiritual connection also helps your relationship to remain strong. You both need to feel as if you have a healing purpose in each other’s lives.

Compassion and acceptance of each other’s deep emotions is essential. This relationship is sustained by spirituality, creativity and unconditional love. You may feel a psychic connection to each other as well.

Even when things become difficult, you can stay devoted to each other because of your deeper spiritual connection. You may feel as if you’re healing past wounds and clearing emotional blocks together.

This relationship can provide fertile ground for you both to express your emotions and find release from past traumas. You both need to be emotionally supported by each other.

Nurturing, affection and love are easily shared in this relationship. You both need lots of reassurance to feel like the relationship is thriving.

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