Mercury in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Mercury in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we express our intellect?

mercury.jpg Composite Mercury in Leo

It’s no wonder you are drawn to each other as you both easily charm each other with every conversation.

You are both likely to make grand promises and speak to each other with optimism and confidence. You easily share your dreams and aspirations.

Though neither of you will hold back when it comes to sharing your ideas, it’s also likely for you both to want to share the spotlight, even at the same time.

This can lead to conflicts if you try to “one up” each other. Instead, it’s best to build each other up and collaborate on your ideas and vision.

You are both likely to be charismatic and generous with each other and you easily share your opinions and ideas. It’s not quite as easy for you to share vulnerable feelings with each other, however.

You are both at your best when you can laugh, joke and discuss lighthearted and playful subjects. You may each try to avoid more serious discussions that bring you down.

Composite Mercury in Virgo

You both communicate in serious ways and may be more practical than playful in your communication style.

Your communication style is analytical and critical which can lead you to tend to give each other critiques out of a desire to be helpful.

Though you are both likely to share this habit, it can potentially create disharmony if either of you feels personally attacked because of this critical communication style.

You work well together when it comes to accomplishing shared tasks either in a workplace or through volunteering together. It’s easy for you two to plan and strategize together.

It’s not as easy for you to speak about feelings and more vulnerable subjects. In fact, you both may prefer to intellectualize your feelings.

You use your gifts of critical thinking and communication to try to be helpful and always try to give each other advice. When you work together you can be resourceful and down to earth.

Composite Mercury in Libra

You both share a diplomatic style of communication and are eager to uplift each other.

Your shared love of beauty and harmony can lead you to speak lovingly to each other. Your communication style reflects your shared sensitivity to each other.

You may both have an easygoing style when it comes to communication however this can also lead you to avoid speaking directly.

You may both fear upsetting the other and this can cause both of you to try to stifle your complaints so as not to rock the boat. If you can both learn to speak up confidently, you can avoid this.

You are both conscious of the give and take in the relationship. You’ll be careful to make sure you are listening to each other and not assuming what the other wants.

You’ll go to great lengths to cheer each other up and try to make each other feel loved and appreciated.

Composite Mercury in Scorpio

Your communication style can be intense and you easily take on heavy topics.

You both speak powerfully and passionately. In this relationship, you’ll both look deep into the underlying situations, never taking things at face value.

This can sometimes lead you both to become suspicious. It can also lead you to read too much into your communication with each other.

You easily communicate your desires for each other, yet jealousy and competitiveness are also possible in this relationship.

Because you are each intelligent and drawn to feeling powerful, you may use your knowledge of each other’s secrets in manipulative ways if you feel provoked.

This can lead to dramatic arguments and passive-aggressive statements that undermine the relationship. It’s better for you both to try to use your communication skills to create healing and transformation in the relationship.

Your words can provoke each other and this can work to help each of you evolve and grow or to cut each other down. Choose your battles wisely.

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