Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in Capricorn, Mercury in Aquarius, Mercury in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we express our intellect?

mercury.jpg Composite Mercury in Sagittarius

You are free thinkers who inspire each other. You both speak your mind with confidence.

Even in a romantic relationship, you don’t let fear of upsetting each other stifle your opinions. If you can appreciate each other’s views regardless of whether you agree, it will be best for the relationship.

Both of you love to study and speak about philosophy, politics, spirituality and ethics. You may be outspoken on social issues and critical of culture.

The more you are able to learn from each other, the better. You may both become bored if you don’t feel the relationship is teaching you new things.

Your mindset and communication style is also influenced by your personal ethics and morals. It can be easy for you both to speak in dogmatic terms or appear to “preach” to each other.

Neither of you can keep a story short and communication is often a mix of entertainment and educating. You both need a fair amount of conversation and intellectual connection with each other and other friends.

Composite Mercury in Capricorn

You are both practical and may have an easy time speaking about your plans and tasks you need to accomplish.

Your communication style is likely to be restrictive and you’ll both say the minimum you need to in order to get your point across.

You only feel the need to speak or text to each other if there is a message to get across. You don’t believe in wasting time with small talk. It suits you both not to be too flowery with your communication style.

Instead, simple is better and you both can be blunt and to the point. It’s easy for you to connect over shared interests in career, work, or a shared sense of responsibility.

You easily give each other advice and are drawn to look to the past for guidance. When matters require deeper emotional communication, this can be difficult.

Neither one of you feels comfortable thinking about and expressing your feelings verbally. You may both prefer to show your feelings by working to help each other feel secure.

Composite Mercury in Aquarius

You shock and inspire each other. Your style of communication is explosive, unpredictable and eccentric.

This may be one of the things you like most about each other. Neither one of you likes to be stifled or suppressed in any way.

Freedom of thought and communication is essential in this relationship. It’s important for you both to be open to new ideas and not judge each other for unusual ideas.

Intuition and futuristic insight plays a role in how you both think. You each have visionary ideas and can encourage each other to break barriers.

There may be something unusual or rebellious about the way you communicate with each other. You have a unique style of expressing yourselves and this may surprise or baffle others.

It’s likely you were both friends first or maintain a relationship that is much like a friendship regardless of how you title your relationship.

You are both likely to be open minded and accepting of ideas that others find bizarre or unconventional.

Composite Mercury in Pisces

You both have a dreamy and romantic style of thinking and expressing yourselves and it’s easy for you to become partners or lovers.

You can easily share your fantasies. You both know communication is not always verbal. You are psychically attuned to each other and can sense each other’s emotional needs.

You are also spiritually attuned and may easily express your thoughts and feelings regarding spirituality, philosophy and deep emotions.

You can get right to the heart of a situation and will easily communicate with each other to foster and nurture the emotional bond you share.

No subject is too sensitive or taboo, though you do share vulnerability to criticism. You need to both be careful to not take feedback as personal attack.

Conversation makes you feel closer to each other. You may also communicate through sharing art or music that is important to you.

Sharing spiritual experiences can also enhance your communication. Shared ritual, meditation, dreamwork and trance can enhance your intuitive bond to each other.

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