Mars in Leo, Mars in Virgo, Mars in Libra, Mars in Scorpio in the composite chart: What's our sexual attitude?

mars.jpg Composite Mars in Leo

You both share an intense passion for excitement and admiration. Your sex life needs to be an expression of your individual nature.

It can be challenging for each of you to share the spotlight when it comes to sexual pleasure and taking turns focusing on each other is essential.

Otherwise, one or both of you are likely to feel neglected. As a couple you can have a grandiose appearance, either being the life of the party or a source of dramatic scenes.

You can both turn the heat of conflict into the spark of passion and arguments may transition to sexual encounters. Sex can also help sort out the tensions and frustrations of an argument after the fact.

You both need to feel admired and adored in order to feel sexually attracted to each other.

If one or both of you are feeling insecure personally, sex may be out of the question until your confidence is restored.

Composite Mars in Virgo

As a couple, you may be a bit sexually repressed. It’s difficult for you to make sex a priority in the relationship.

You both need to have a shared task or “work” of some kind to do in order to feel fulfilled. Sexual experimentation is usually minimal in this relationship unless you are trying to accomplish a goal such as pregnancy.

It may take time for you both to overcome sexual insecurities and let your inhibitions go so you can fully express your erotic sides.

Though you may find motivation and energy to accomplish shared tasks, usually sex for the sake of pleasure is at the bottom of the list. You both prefer to focus on tasks that produce something practical.

You don’t need as much sexual contact as other couples may need, yet tension and frustration can lead to criticism and nagging in this relationship. Sex can be a valuable outlet.

Composite Mars in Libra

You are both romantic and sentimental and can be sexually playful and expressive together.

Yet sex is not a primary motivator in this relationship. If anything, you may be inclined to view sex as a means of reassurance.

You are both open to exploring sensual connection and may spend hours discovering what brings pleasure to each other through experimentation and extended foreplay.

You both need to feel admired and beautiful in order to be confident in exploring your sexual side and pushing boundaries.

You may also each be very concerned about the other’s pleasure and as such you don’t want to push boundaries or seem too demanding. Yet assertiveness can be helpful in this relationship.

Visual cues are important to your sexual connection. Creating romantic scenes, lingerie, and erotic photos can be a major turn on.

Too much emotion in your sexual encounters can be overwhelming to you both. You need to feel as if you’re enacting fantasies without any serious emotional baggage in the way.

Composite Mars in Scorpio

Yours is a highly sexual relationship. In fact, sexual chemistry may be established before an emotional connection.

You both crave deep intimate connection and can be prone to suspicion and jealousy over each other.

This is a great relationship for exploring sexual desires as you are both likely to be nonjudgmental and open to experimentation. Trust is essential in this relationship.

Though you may be tempted to act passive-aggressively, this can be damaging to the relationship. Avoid exploiting each other’s vulnerabilities.

Your love of excitement, transformation, the esoteric and sexuality can lead you both to explore Kundalini or Tantra together.

You can both find healing and empowerment through your sexual connection to each other. Any period of time without sexual connection can make you both suspicious or insecure.

For both of you, sex is not just about romance and intimacy but primarily is about power and domination. Learning to share power can be an important lesson in this relationship.

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