Jupiter in Aries, Jupiter in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini, Jupiter in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we bring luck and expansion into each other’s lives?

jupiter.jpg Composite Jupiter in Aries

You both easily understand how to excite each other and how to bring adventure into each other’s lives.

You benefit each other when it comes to helping each other become physically strong or fit. You may inspire each other to exercise or gain strength.

You are also both likely to amplify each other’s individual ambitions. Regardless of the nature of your relationship, you help each other to thrive in career or gain influence because of your special talents.

You may also help each other accomplish your personal goals, helping each other to prove focus, strength and independence.

Uplifting each other and building each other’s confidence is easy for the two of you. You may also find it easy to help each other believe in your own potential.

Though you may both be motivated by challenges, the relationship can take the edge off of hardship as you know how to make each other laugh and find the fun and games in life.

Composite Jupiter in Taurus

As a couple, you make it easy for each other to feel secure and supported.

You both work together well to help each other gain abundance and amplify your income or resources.

You also instinctively know how to make each other feel comfortable, beautiful, loved and appreciated. You bring out the best in each other and easily help each other grow financially and in career.

This can be a great relationship for business. Even if you are romantically connected, you bring opportunities to invest together or expand a shared business.

You can both bring a sense of stability to each other’s lives. You can also be instrumental in helping each other find the stability and security to grow professionally.

You both can enjoy your favorite luxuries together and status, accomplishment and pampering are all important features of this relationship.

Composite Jupiter in Gemini

You help to expand each other’s imagination and self-expression.

It’s easy for you both to understand each other and communication comes easily to you both. You each feel free to express yourselves and speak your mind.

Your intellectual interests inspire each other and you try to both teach and learn from each other. You may inspire each other to live up to an idealistic potential.

In romance, your relationship is built around the ways you encourage each other and inspire each other’s minds. In other personal relationships, you may easily become friends.

You are both playful and enjoy having fun and making each other laugh. Even in a serious relationship such as business partners or professional colleagues, you both help each other look at the bright side of life.

Optimism is essential to this relationship. You may easily travel together or enjoy taking classes or workshops together as well.

This is a relationship that can last a lifetime, you both see the best in each other and go out of your way to avoid conflict or controversy.

Composite Jupiter in Cancer

You easily feel at home with each other and may see each other as being nurturing, caring and protective.

You may also be eager to settle down and have a family together. It’s important for both of you to feel secure and comfortable.

Home and family are important to both of you. In a romantic relationship, you may both move quickly to live together or become actively involved in each other’s family life.

You both know just how to lift each other up when one of you is feeling down. You easily empathize with each other as well.

If you share professional interests, you can inspire each other to expand in your professional lives by encouraging each other to take risks in business.

You can also help each other grow financially by helping each other make decisions balancing caution and risk. You easily help each other feel confident and secure.

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