Uranus in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, Uranus in Gemini, Uranus in Cancer in the composite chart: How does our relationship create instability and exciting change?

uranus.jpg Composite Uranus in Aries

This is a relationship that is constantly changing and may seem erratic and explosive to others.

You are continually inspiring and exciting each other, pushing each other to find individual strengths and take action on your dreams.

There is no duplicity in this relationship. You both say and do exactly what you feel and can be impulsive. This can lead you to clash at times but you’ll never have to guess at what each partner wants.

You provoke each other to take action and to move forward with courage toward what you want. This relationship can bring motivation or friction or both.

You may shock each other by creating disruptive and surprising breakthroughs that lead you both to stay on your toes.

It’s difficult for the two of you to settle down and enjoy a relaxing time together as you are constantly compelled to respond to crises, drama, and excitement, some of which you both create together.

Composite Uranus in Taurus

Your relationship can break barriers in professional and business growth, yet the road is rocky.

This is a tumultuous relationship when it comes to finances. You both may keep each other on your toes when it comes to trying to create security.

You may have a perpetually labile and changing set of values and finding stability in the relationship may feel like you’re following a moving target.

Though the goal posts may continue to change, you both inspire each other to break through stagnation and become resourceful and innovative as you seek change and abundance.

You may excite each other and shake things up, redefining what you desire and want from the relationship. You both may desire comfort and stability yet you also are drawn to the excitement and chaos of change.

You may both feel like you can’t get a break when it comes to finances. When you have a period of prosperity, you’ll end up investing in dramatic changes that make you feel like you’re constantly going through upheaval.

Composite Uranus in Gemini

You easily stimulate and excite each other through your communication style.

Your style of communication and even the language you use when talking to each other may be dramatically different than the way you communicate with other people.

You may have your own secret codes or language that can be shocking and surprising to others. You may also constantly change and reinvent your relationship.

This relationship may defy boundaries and definitions. You may think of each other as being a unique pair with a futuristic vision.

You can bring innovation into each other’s lives. This can be a great relationship for business partners or colleagues who can help each other break down barriers.

Your relationship may also be unconventional in other ways and you may unintentionally shock others because of the ideas you introduce each other to.

Composite Uranus in Cancer

You both bring explosive and unusual change into each other’s lives when it comes to ideas about family, home and business.

You help each other see past limitations and redefine what it means to be part of a family. You may rattle each other’s nerves and challenge each other’s need for security.

Yet you also help each other innovate and find creative ways to channel your sensitive emotions.

You may experience dramatic and shocking surprises related to your home or when trying to settle down together. You may also dramatically awaken each other’s intuitive senses.

As a couple, you may be constantly relocating or changing your home in some way. It may be difficult for you to set down roots and create traditions together.

You may constantly reinvent your family ties or make dramatic changes to your home, and this can be both exhilarating and stressful over time.

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