Neptune in Leo, Neptune in Virgo, Neptune in Libra, Neptune in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we show each other compassion and deep healing?

neptune.jpg Composite Neptune in Leo

You bring out each other’s creative, bold and compassionate nature.

You can be highly attuned to each other’s sensitivity but will go out on a limb and show greater assertiveness if it means uplifting and inspiring each other.

You can inspire each other to delve more deeply into your subconscious desires and emotional wounds. From there, you can both find healing on an emotional and spiritual level.

You can easily enjoy a romance filled with fantasy and imagination. Role playing or entertaining each other may be a feature of this relationship.

In addition to the personal nature of the relationship, you may share a love of performance, theater, dance or the arts.

You may also spread your compassion and love by teaming up to help empower children and young people.

Though you both enjoy playful fun and games in this relationship, neither of you can fool the other for long. You can see through each other’s defenses.

Be careful not to intentionally distract yourselves from facing conflicts when they arise. Pretending all is well when it is not will not improve your relationship.

Composite Neptune in Virgo

You are both devoted to showing each other love, compassion and reliability.

Though your intentions are good, there may be aspects of your relationship that seem murky and undefined. You may guess at each other’s boundaries or expectations.

You may also distract each other from completing important tasks or sticking to your goals and agendas.

This can be a healing personal or romantic relationship, though your emotional expression may be slightly stifled at times. Strive to show you care for each other in practical ways.

You may also find it difficult to maintain a professional relationship. The balance between work and play is not easily held in this relationship.

Without intending to, you may emotionally smother each other or disrupt each other’s healthy or stabilizing routines.

It can be hard for you both to grasp the finer details of this relationship. Be careful not to project a fantasy onto each other. You’ll need to remain in touch with practical needs while exploring the emotional and spiritual together.

Composite Neptune in Libra

You share love and compassion with each other in a playful, lighthearted, and sentimental way.

You love to nurture each other’s dreams and creativity. You both find only positive things to say to each other, easily uplifting each other and finding beauty in daily life.

This can be a warm, loving, sensitive and diplomatic relationship. The main conflicts you both need to address is how you deal with conflict in general.

It may be too easy for you both to try to cling to the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship. Try not to tiptoe around problems when they arise.

You are both sensitive to each other’s subconscious needs and can intuitively tell what each partner really wants in the relationship.

Still, communication is important. Don’t rely on emotion alone or expect each other to read minds.

The greatest healing in this relationship comes from spiritual and emotional connection.

Composite Neptune in Scorpio

You may easily nurture each other’s deep subconscious desires.

You can also form an extremely intimate emotional and sexual connection to each other. You fuel each other’s passions and desires and easily unearth each other’s secrets.

This can be a compassionate and transformative relationship. You may both inspire each other to take risks and help each other find your sense of authority.

Though you both encourage each other to see beyond the material realm and shifting your perceptions is important, be careful not to use addictions as ways to escape from traumas and conflicts.

This can either be an enabling relationship or a deeply healing one. Try to maintain consistent boundaries to avoid going from one extreme to the other.

You can use your shared creative talents and spiritual interests to inspire deep emotional healing in each other’s lives, especially from emotional, spiritual, or sexual traumas.

This relationship can also become an infatuation. Be careful not to surrender your identities for the sake of the relationship.

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