Neptune in Sagittarius, Neptune in Capricorn, Neptune in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we show each other compassion and deep healing?

neptune.jpg Composite Neptune in Sagittarius

You are both gregarious, generous and uplifting.

You show your affection and love openly, but not through overwhelming each other with heavy emotion. Instead, you maintain some space and independence.

You are both instrumental in helping each other to overcome limitations. You can help each other become more confident and optimistic.

You may also try to compensate for past wounds and hardships by pampering each other and trying to show each other the “good life.” You may both seem lucky in romance in this relationship. Unusual coincidences may lead you to connect with and understand each other.

Though you can sense each other’s desires, you also prefer to take an intellectual approach to the relationship.

Though you have a strong, spiritual connection, you both can easily drift apart at times and not realize you’ve become detached.

Yet every time you reconnect, it feels like no time has passed at all. You are inspiring to each other and can help each other to take risks to heal.

Yet you may also go too far projecting your ideals onto each other. Try not to maintain a fantasy of the relationship when staying grounded in reality is needed.

Composite Neptune in Capricorn

You show your affection and love through balancing your emotional connection with practical nurturing.

You can work your best magic together when you’re united around shared traditions, work or tasks.

You may feel responsible for each other’s emotional wellbeing. This can be draining at times but in the best case scenario, it can also lead you both to set healthy limits.

Respecting each other’s boundaries and showing your compassion and love can help you both find healing and inspiration in this relationship.

You may feel drawn to the past or feel as if you have Karmic issues to work through together.

In a professional relationship, you can both bring greater creativity and imagination into each other’s career path. You may also help each other contain your inspiration and emotion.

Manifesting success through channeling deeply suppressed feelings is the ultimate goal. Be careful to not stifle each other’s emotional needs or drown each other in sentimentality.

Composite Neptune in Aquarius

You show your love for each other in individualistic and surprising ways.

Though you inspire each other to dream and think outside the box, you may also distract each other with too many confusing desires all at once.

Try to pace yourselves in this relationship. You may both try to show love by going to extremes and becoming enmeshed, which leads you to retreat to your separate corners.

You have a habit of surprising each other and this can help you both to heal past wounds.

You are catalysts for each other. Each helps the other think beyond limitations and believe in miracles.

This relationship can have a dreamy, unusual, romantic quality to it. You both throw away the rule book and chart your own course to love and healing.

If you are able to remain in step with each other, this can be a beautiful, quirky, and satisfying relationship.

If you are both too invested in your individual needs to share empathy with each other, however, this relationship may prove frustrating.

Composite Neptune in Pisces

You may both be highly sensitive, sentimental and romantic.

This is a great relationship for love and intimacy. The two of you may feel spiritually connected to each other.

You show your love openly and immediately. This may feel like love at first sight. The relationship is likely to grow quickly and become serious in no time.

Though the two of you may be profoundly drawn to each other right away, chances are you’ll at some point realize you’ve projected some illusions on to each other.

If you can bypass the fantasy of what you think each other should be, then this relationship can have long term staying power.

You accept each other unconditionally. Be careful not to enable each other’s toxic habits. You can help each other embrace deep emotional healing.

Yet in order to accomplish this, you’ll both need to balance the dreamy and idealistic aspects of this relationship with some of the hard realities that must be acknowledged.

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