True Lunar Node in Aries, True Lunar Node in Taurus, True Lunar Node in Gemini, True Lunar Node in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we bring each other closer to our destiny?

N. Node.jpg Composite True Lunar Node in Aries

You both lead each other to make dramatic strides closer to your destiny.

Your missions are intertwined. You may feel as if you were waiting in the wings, preparing for a major milestone that will help you understand your purpose.

Yet when you meet, it becomes evident early on that you are both bound together by some dramatic Karmic purpose which you help each other reach.

Part of this shared purpose involves coming to terms with your individual identities and encouraging each other to be true to yourselves in the relationship.

Your courageous, active, and daring personalities can help each other own up to your true mission and destiny.

There is no second guessing your purpose, when the two of you act together you are instinctively drawn to follow your higher mission.

Even in a personal or romantic relationship you may strive obsessively toward a mission on which you become focused, determined to succeed.

Composite True Lunar Node in Taurus

You may both be determined to help each other succeed.

Through solid, steady efforts, you help each other reveal your strength, beauty and potential for abundance.

This can be a relationship that unleashes your shared fate in career or professional life. You may also help each other glide toward your destiny in terms of health and finance.

You both provide a secure and solid foundation for each other to fulfill long held ambitions. This is a great relationship for nurturing, romance and empowerment.

When you work together you can both easily build a solid starting point to move toward accomplishing your goals.

This relationship also makes it easier for the two of you to discover what you truly value. You may help each other overcome financial hardships.

You may find a shared purpose in helping you both find and share resources with your larger community. Whether serving on the board of a nonprofit or a business together, you help each other spread prosperity.

Composite True Lunar Node in Gemini

You may help each other to find your voice through the course of this relationship.

Your relationship awakens your shared ideas, plans and ability to express your vision.

Through this connection you may be compelled to learn to communicate in new ways. You may find your shared purpose through brainstorming and idealism.

Your mission as a couple can depend on exploring new ideas. You both influence each other’s style of expression.

You can encourage each other to advance through speaking, teaching, writing or exploring language in some new way.

You may unleash each other’s latent talent in an intellectual topic or gifts related to technology or communications as well.

This can be a cerebral relationship with the two of you inspiring each other’s desire for learning and playful side as well.

You may not feel as emotionally connected as you are intellectually connected, but your destiny is related to the way you inspire each other’s thinking and expression more so than emotional nurturing.

Composite True Lunar Node in Cancer

Your shared destiny and purpose involves family, home or business.

You help each other nurture your larger dreams and ambitions. This is an ideal relationship for family, marriage, or business partnership.

Even if the relationship is professional, it will still feel personal on some level.

You can be instrumental in paving a path to domestic bliss in this relationship, helping each other to open up to romance and desire to have children.

This is a great relationship for serious romance or even exploration of a business connection.

You can be catalysts to each other wanting to settle down and make a comfortable home together.

You may not feel ready for family or commitment prior to meeting each other, but your influence on each other can help you both become homebodies.

You can encourage each other to settle down and think more of starting a family or creating a secure home to share. You bring out each other’s sensitivity and protective instincts.

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