True Lunar Node in Leo, True Lunar Node in Virgo, True Lunar Node in Libra, True Lunar Node in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we bring each other closer to our destiny?

N. Node.jpg Composite True Lunar Node in Leo

You can both help each other awaken creative instincts and become outgoing and confident in yourselves.

You may feel magnetically drawn to each other and you can let yourselves relax and be true to your individual nature in this relationship.

You help each other to recognize your own leadership potential. This is an ideal relationship in business or career as you can both play an instrumental role in helping each other advance professionally.

You may clear a path for each other in careers related to the arts, entertainment or leadership. You may also help each other to get over insecurities or shyness.

You both may discover a deeper sense of who you are individually as a result of your connection in this relationship.

You may find it difficult to accept each other’s flaws. You see the best in each other and take it personally if you feel your partner is slacking on living up to what you believe their potential to be.

Composite True Lunar Node in Virgo

The two of you come into each other’s lives at a critical time of growth and evolution.

You may have high expectations of each other yet you also inspire each other to live up to your best potential by encouraging each other’s healthy routines.

You believe that it is your duty to teach each other ways to improve diet, health, organization and work skills.

This may be met with frustration or criticism at first, yet if you both are open to feedback, you may be able to benefit greatly from the insight you each have to share.

You both offer helpful hints and tips to encourage each other to reach perfection. Be careful not to hold each other to own definition of perfection.

Generally speaking, you both do have an important role to play in helping each other develop the habits needed to achieve your purpose.

If your relationship stems from shared business or career interests, you inspire each other and help educate each other in ways that improve your skills.

In a personal relationship, the two of you help each other to truly analyze what your priorities are and how to achieve them.

Composite True Lunar Node in Libra

You can both easily help each other make peace with your individual gifts, purpose and destiny.

This can be a romantic relationship that also offers Karmic breakthroughs that lead each of you to find greater meaning in your lives.

Your relationship can open new doors for both of you. Though more than a game changer in career, you both are likely to accept your purpose because of each other’s encouragement.

You can also help each other break through communication issues and learn to be more diplomatic.

This is a great relationship for romance, yet in career you can also help each other advance by developing your creative or artistic talents in new ways.

You may have a soothing and calming impact on each other and you can help each other see the positive ways to make the most of any situation.

You can also help each other become better advocates, finding a common interest in fairness and justice.

Composite True Lunar Node in Scorpio

You both help each other to delve deeper beneath the surface and discover your true passions and purpose.

With the insight and intuition you offer each other, both of you can derive deep meaning from this relationship.

Intimacy is a marker of this relationship, even if you are not romantically or sexually involved. You both have a knack for looking beyond illusions and can help offer each other healing and empowerment.

It is challenging for the two of you to let go of control and embrace your destinies, but your connection to each other can help you both find the momentum you need to embrace spontaneous changes on your path.

You can sense what each other really feels and needs, and this can help you both serve as a valuable wise guide to each other throughout the relationship.

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