True Lunar Node in Sagittarius, True Lunar Node in Capricorn, True Lunar Node in Aquarius, True Lunar Node in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we bring each other closer to our destiny?

N. Node.jpg Composite True Lunar Node in Sagittarius

You can both play an instrumental role in expanding each other’s beliefs and spiritual perspectives.

You can open each other’s eyes to each other’s true purpose or vision. This is a great partnership to help expand your potential in career.

You help to inspire each other’s confidence and can boost each other’s status as well. You may help each other explore the world and have a shared destiny involving travel.

You may also promote each other’s higher learning. This is a positive relationship as you uplift each other and help each other find moral centering.

There is no obstacle that can stop the two of you when you are dedicated to fulfilling an important mission.

You both know how to bring out the best in each other. If you’re shy individually, this relationship will help both of you find your voice and express your passion.

Composite True Lunar Node in Capricorn

The two of you can team up to create a successful business. You bring stability and abundance into each other’s lives.

You can work well together when it comes to practical matters such as sharing household or parenting tasks. You also make great colleagues in a professional situation.

You honor each other’s cultural traditions and can help each other conserve money, resources, the environment or other things you both value.

You can both be stubborn at times and need to be sure you’re on the same page. In romance, you may approach the relationship cautiously but once committed, you’re in it for the long run.

You don’t like to draw attention to yourselves. You try to keep a low profile and show your devotion to each other in pragmatic ways. You may feel responsible for each other’s security and contentment.

The two of you may have old fashioned values or encourage each other to settle down and follow traditional roles in the relationship as well.

Composite True Lunar Node in Aquarius

You can help each other blast through hurdles and obstacles.

Regardless of the nature of your relationship, you are both likely to mentor each other and try to offer unusual advice that can be life changing.

You may have met under unusual circumstances. This relationship can inspire you both to break with tradition and discover your destiny.

You can also help each other discover your purpose as individuals and as a couple. This is a powerful relationship that is likely to be filled with shocking surprises.

You may start out as friends before becoming romantically involved. Regardless of the twists and turns you face, the two of you may be lifelong friends.

Through your connection to each other, you both help each other to gain insight and epiphanies. You may even help each other leave behind a dead end relationship or job.

You may create a commotion in each other’s lives, but all the drama and excitement will prove worthwhile as you lead each other to a new phase in your relationship.

Composite True Lunar Node in Pisces

You can help each other experience new depths of emotional connection and healing.

It’s easy for the two of you to wander into the realm of fantasy and imagination together. You may lose sight of reality altogether.

You are compassionate and empathic, and your relationship can help you both unravel subconscious wounds that can be healed together.

This is a great placement for romantic relationships which also have an impact on your careers or life path.

You may influence each other in profound ways, especially when it comes to your beliefs about spirituality and your experience of love, forgiveness and healing.

This relationship can carry some illusions, and if this is the case, overcoming the illusions can be a major part of the purpose of this relationship.

You may both have to come to an awakening which you help each other to make sense of. Your shared creativity and artistic vision can also help each of you find your purpose in this relationship.

You may feel closer to your destiny when you are able to see the relationship as it is without projecting fantasies onto each other.

Unconditional acceptance and love is part of the lessons of this relationship. You may easily reflect each other’s strengths through this relationship.

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