Chiron in Leo, Chiron in Virgo, Chiron in Libra, Chiron in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we translate past wounds into special wisdom and healing for others?Chiron in Leo, Chiron in Virgo, Chiron in Libra, Chiron in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we translate past wounds into special wisdom and healing for others?

chiron.jpg Composite Chiron in Leo

You may both feel as if you’ve been ignored or left out of the limelight prior to meeting each other.

This relationship brings out the best of your talents. You may easily respect and appreciate each other’s creativity and loyalty.

This relationship can be a source of entertainment, amusement and fun. The two of you easily uplift and inspire each other.

This relationship can help the two of you come out of your shell and take greater pride in your individual gifts and unique perspectives.

You can help each other overcome wounds and insecurities related to feeling ostracized because you didn’t fit in in the past. Whatever made you stand out in the past is the source of your attraction to each other now.

This can create strong passion, devotion and loyalty in the relationship. You’re both likely to feel as if you’ve met your perfect match and you no longer feel isolated.

The two of you can also help each other develop new levels of confidence. This can be a great relationship to help you both advance artistically or in the performing arts.

Composite Chiron in Virgo

The two of you can help each other become more grounded, organized and health conscious.

The two of you may feel misunderstood or imperfect in some way until you meet each other. This relationship helps you both recognize how efficient and productive you can be.

This is a great relationship for a work collaboration. The two of you may have felt too spontaneous, impractical and disillusioned in the past. But the relationship you have to each other helps you both become sensible and reliable.

If you’ve had a hard time trusting in others in the past, this relationship can help to heal wounds related to inconsistency and others’ unreliability in the past.

Because you are dedicated to each other and have a knack for noticing small details and helping each other feel secure and protected, you can help each other overcome traumas from the past.

In particular, you may both struggle with relying on other people and may have a habit of trying to be perfect and do everything all on your own. But this relationship begins to reverse these cycles.

Composite Chiron in Libra

You may both have wounds related to not being seen or appreciated in relationships.

This can lead you both to fear abandonment and feel awkward in relationships. You may both try too hard to please each other. Yet through this relationship, the two of you can begin to heal your past wounds.

You may learn to have faith in your partner’s intentions. With this relationship in balance, you can both begin to let go of anxieties about relationships and feel comfortable together.

You have unique sensitivities to what it feels like to be left out. You may have been the “wall flower” at the high school dance or the person too shy to ask out you love interest.

Yet in this relationship, you learn what it feels like to be sought out, admired, loved, and seen as beautiful.

This relationship can also help you discover your inner beauty and self-love. You can both become more diplomatic and sensitive to each other’s needs as a result.

Composite Chiron in Scorpio

You can both usher in deep emotional healing and transformation because you see each other as a missing piece of the puzzle in your lives.

You find intimacy and trust in each other that you couldn’t find elsewhere in the past. This is a great relationship for intimacy, romance, and lifelong friendship.

In business and career you may have to work through the temptation to compete with each other.

Once you realize there is no threat of being overtaken and no need to “win” the two of you can become helpful collaborators to each other.

Your intuition and sense of each other’s deep, hidden needs can help you both unearth each other’s insecurities.

When you do this, each partner is better able to heal from past traumas and find empowerment.

You may both feel like each other is a “partner in crime” knowing you have each other’s backs no matter what.

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