Ceres in Sagittarius, Ceres in Capricorn, Ceres in Aquarius, Ceres in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we express our potential for nurturing?

ceres.jpg Composite Ceres in Sagittarius

You nurture each other by being supportive and uplifting. Together, you raise each other’s confidence.

This is a great relationship for professional growth and can be a strong bond in romantic and personal relationships as well.

Your style of nurturing each other is less about pouring your heart out and more about showing that you believe in each other’s dreams.

You help each other to take risks and can become major influences in each other’s lives. You don’t do anything half-heartedly.

When you want to show your love and support, you may make grandiose gestures to get the point across. You’ll also likely nurture each other by pampering each other with expensive gifts.

When simple acts of care and compassion could suffice, you’ll both go over the top to show how much you care about each other.

This can be a powerful relationship as the two of you awaken each other’s desire to nurture your soul through travel and exploration as well.

Composite Ceres in Capricorn

You don’t easily show your affection and nurturing sides.

If you are looking to each other for words of comfort and love, you may be missing the target. In this relationship, it’s easier for you both to express your warmth and nurturing side through acts of sacrifice and service.

You’ll each try to do the hard work to make the relationship feel secure and solid.

Though this can be a good placement for romance, you both need to recognize that your partner is demonstrating love by taking on difficulties.

You may try to take responsibility for each other. Providing for each other financially is another way you’ll show you care.

Aside from romance, this may also be a mentor/mentee relationship or a great placement for family relationships, especially if one person is much older.

The desire to care for each other may also translate into control issues. You may try to restrict each other in order to ensure safety.

Yet rather than feeling stifled, it’s likely you’ll both feel cared for by the attempts to create stability, comfort, consistency and reliability.

You both make commitments only when you can follow through and so this shows your devotion to each other.

Though you don’t go to dramatic lengths to shower each other with praise and affection, you will never complain about working hard to establish comfort and financial security in the relationship.

Composite Ceres in Aquarius

The two of you find unique and personalized ways to nurture each other.

Though your habits may seem strange to other people, you have a knack for surprising each other in special and unconventional ways.

Though neither of you likes to be emotionally smothered, you both need to feel nurtured through intellectual stimulation and excitement.

You know how to provide the right kind of intense intellectual connection that helps keep the two of you feeling recognized and appreciated.

Your efforts to show love and affection can also be erratic. You may be intensely devoted to each other at one moment but then seem distant the next.

Yet it works for the two of you because you both also need to balance your desires for connection and love with your desire for breathing room.

One of your favorite ways to nurture each other is to challenge each other’s expectations.

You both have a gift for opening each other’s minds to new and unusual ideas and this is fulfilling for both of you.

Composite Ceres in Pisces

You both care for each other’s emotional wellbeing. You are attuned to each other’s deep emotional needs.

This relationship can be healing and bring out both of your compassionate nature. You both lose yourselves in the relationship easily.

With some mindfulness, you can maintain boundaries while also nurturing and showing your love for each other.

This relationship may feel maternal. This can be a great placement for family relationships, particularly parent and child.

This can also be a good relationship for caretaking relationships that involve healing of the mind, body, or both.

You know how to tend to each other’s wounds and through this relationship you can both find spiritual fulfillment.

You nurture each other by showing empathy and compassion. You both may help to nurture each other’s fantasies. This relationship brings you both profound spiritual transformation.

You can also both find comfort and security in this relationship because you are both devoted to each other.

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