Vesta in Aries, Vesta in Taurus, Vesta in Gemini, Vesta in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we help each other find clarity, purity and positive habits?

vesta.jpg Composite Vesta in Aries

You are both determined and obsessive about acting in accordance with your higher mission.

You inspire each other to take action and do what you believe is the right thing. When it comes to showing devotion to your spiritual paths and ideals, you are both committed for the long haul.

This is a great relationship for long term faithfulness. You see your bond as a spiritual one.

You are both honest and authentic with each other. You bring out each other’s spiritual side and may encourage each other to devote yourselves to an important mission.

In addition to the commitment to your relationship, you are both dedicated to finding a higher purpose. You may help each other embark on a journey of spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Though you are dedicated to what is best for each other, you may also both be called on to make some kind of significant personal sacrifice in order to make this relationship work.

In particular, you may willingly sacrifice some key aspect of your personal ambition or identity in order to commit to this relationship together.

Composite Vesta in Taurus

You are both devoted to creating beauty, harmony and romance in each other’s lives.

Though you dedicate yourselves to the relationship and both intend to commit for the long haul, you are also both likely to face a sacrifice related to your personal sense of security.

You may both give up money or status in order to devote yourselves to your shared mission, for instance.

You may also inspire each other to explore the spiritual aspect of gardening, communing with nature or the healing power of foods and herbs.

This relationship can help you both open new doors in business and can lead you both to financial success if you are both willing to sacrifice superficial desires for spiritual service to others.

You may work together to create abundance that you share with the larger community or with family.

Composite Vesta in Gemini

You are both devoted to an intellectual connection in this relationship that can shape and change each other’s ideas.

You may both be called on to sacrifice some aspect of your connection to peers or friends in order to fully devote your attention to the relationship.

You share a commitment to service through communication, writing, and spreading curiosity and love of learning.

This an ideal relationship for friends, mentors, and in romance it can signify a meeting of the minds.

Though your relationship is highly intellectual, it also brings a focus to spiritual matters. You may both inspire each other to explore the spiritual meaning behind your mission.

This relationship also offers opportunity for the two of you to awaken each other’s intuition and interest in telepathy, psychic communication, or new ideas related to spirituality and the occult.

You inspire each other through your words, both spoken and written. You may also feel compelled to create songs or stories for each other.

Composite Vesta in Cancer

You both help each other create a sense of home and family, though in doing so, you must sacrifice past expectations of what these things should look like.

This is a great relationship for romance, family or business. You nurture each other’s needs, even at the expense of your own personal sense of security.

You are also both devoted to nurturing each other in a million small ways every day. You’ll commit to bringing out the best in each other’s familial roles.

You can inspire each other to acts of service related to housing, advocating for family, and finding emotional comfort.

Your connection to each other can be intense and emotional but you tend to excite each other and help each other find spiritual ecstasy through your compassion and emotional connection.

You may help each other experience a divine connection because of your nurturing and love for each other and family.

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