Pholus in Aries, Pholus in Taurus, Pholus in Gemini, Pholus in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we help each other dramatically change course and navigate crises?

pholus.jpg Composite Pholus in Aries

Regardless of the crisis or turning point you both may be facing, through this relationship, you each find a direct way to face the challenge head on.

You are both devoted to providing for and protecting each other, and you have impulsive and passionate ways of showing how much you care.

You may rush into action to try to inspire and lead each other during unprecedented times of change.

You both may continually influence each other to change your appearance or dramatically shift your identity.

This relationship may also challenge you both to discover who you really are. You both have passionate responses to crisis and will use the experience to motivate each other to take action.

You may become angry or emboldened in times of change and can project this confidence to take action, helping each other to become leaders during a time of milestone change.

Composite Pholus in Taurus

You bring explosive opportunities to gain wealth and abundance into each other’s lives.

Your attitudes toward abundance may clash in times of crises. You may also inspire each other to vacillate between periods of frugality and materialism.

You may both also have to dramatically change your minds or attitudes toward what you value. You may inspire each other to release all your attachment to material possessions.

You may also just as easily suddenly join each other in pursuit of dramatically new values or interests.

Challenges and crises that arise in this relationship can lead you both to go through phases of ego loss and attachment.

Just when you are both feeling secure as a couple, you may endure explosive changes that upend your sense of security.

You may also have to help each other to reconnect with your self-worth. This relationship is perfect for helping you both find value in crises and new beginnings.

Composite Pholus in Gemini

You bring explosive ideas to each other and this can help you both dramatically change your styles of communication.

This is an excellent relationship for friends or teachers. You can bring explosive new epiphanies into each other’s lives.

When you are both in the midst of crises or challenges, you can help each see beyond your expectations.

Your gifts for diplomacy are also important for both of you when you’re going through dramatic changes or facing a turning point.

You can both help each other navigate dramatic changes as you introduce each other to peers or friends who help you establish a new foundation.

You can both bring explosive intellectual energy into the relationship. Both of you may believe the answers lie in books or learning more.

You may have an intellectual approach to helping each other to start over in the midst of unprecedented crises.

Composite Pholus in Cancer

You bring explosive energy to each other’s lives especially when it comes to matters of home and family.

You may bring a family into the world unexpectedly or there may be something shocking about your home life.

You may both also look to each other for nurturing and comfort in times of dramatic changes and milestones.

You may endure an unexpected loss of a house or need to take refuge or relocate. Yet you’ll also be able to support and nurture each other through the process.

This relationship may also feature an explosive or dramatic change involving loss of family or family traditions.

You may have to help each other create a new sense of home, security and safety after a major crisis.

You can show each other how to create stability and nurturing and help each other to reinvent the concepts of home and family.

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