Pholus in Leo, Pholus in Virgo, Pholus in Libra, Pholus in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we help each other dramatically change course and navigate crises?

pholus.jpg Composite Pholus in Leo

You both may bring an explosive energy into the relationship through the use of your creativity.

You are both able to project your confidence in each other and step up to the plate as leaders during times of crisis.

The two of you find unique ways to help each other navigate crises drawing on your individual talents and strengths.

You may meet each other during a crisis of conscience. Through this process, you may have to help each other find the strength to remember who you are in the midst of a time of loss.

By inspiring each other to live up to your best potential, you both can turn crises into opportunities to reinvent yourselves.

You may both end up helping each other make new connections or find new or hidden aspects of your identity through what initially seems to be a crisis.

Composite Pholus in Virgo

You both may want to act like the bandages that stop each other’s wounds from bleeding.

Yet you can also become explosive toward each other when you feel your partner has let down your expectations of perfection and security.

You seek comfort from keeping yourselves locked into consistent routines. Yet when you are both taken by surprise, the desire to maintain control can trigger resentments toward each other.

You’ll both need to work to not let the small details swallow you whole. Your relationship brings out your desires for perfection.

When you have to face milestone changes, you may feel as if obsessing over small details will ensure safe passage through challenging waters. Yet this can bring frustrations and tensions to a boil in the relationship.

If you are both able to analyze new uncharted situations and work together as a team, there is nothing you can’t conquer.

Composite Pholus in Libra

You both seek beauty, justice, harmony and balance in your relationship.

Yet it may seem like every time you reach a comfortable place as a couple, one or both of you is affected by an intense and unexpected crisis that throws the relationship off kilter.

You may be called upon to help each other create balance and harmony from chaotic situations.

You may also have to help each other navigate loss of past relationships or partnerships.

Even when you are both weary of making commitments to each other, you end up vacillating between being guarded and codependent.

This may be an all or nothing relationship, in which the two of you initially attempt to tread carefully toward love only to throw caution to the wind.

You may also find in each other what you initially try to suppress in yourselves. This may lead you both to create healing through your relationship.

Composite Pholus in Scorpio

You both may have a love-hate relationship with each other.

This relationship can push both of your buttons. You may both promise yourselves you won’t let your guard down only to end up passionately involved in each other’s lives.

This relationship has an explosively exciting quality. No matter how you try to resist each other’s magnetic attraction energy, you’ll both end up feeling overpowered by the urge to deepen your connection.

The intense energy of this relationship can lead you to want to spend every minute together one day and blow up at each other because of resentments the next day.

You both fascinate each other yet you may also feel as if your partner is holding out on you. There can be a sense of ongoing suspicion of each other’s motives.

Yet you both seek a deep and spiritual connection. You may explore various forms of intimacy together as well.

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