Sun and Moon aspects in the Composite Chart: How does this relationship inspire us to express our subconscious feelings openly?

By 12andus

Sun-Moon-Harm.jpg Sun conjunct Moon in the composite chart

This relationship brings us both closer to realizing your subconscious desires and dreams.

You both help each other to align your sensitive emotional sides with your outer personalities. You can be highly attuned to each other and can also help each other become more confident in your intuition.

When you both work together, you can easily express your deeper feelings and may become openly vulnerable and empathic with each other.

You encourage each other to succeed and can easily fulfill each other’s needs for nurturing and empowerment.

You bring out each other’s creativity and intuition. Your connection may be easily strengthened as you both innately understand each other’s personality and priorities.

You may also get stuck on the same core lessons because your perspectives and desires are so similar. You easily empathize with each other and may feel entangled in each other’s feelings.

It’s hard for the two of you to be objective about the relationship because you relate to each other’s feelings so easily. You may feel enmeshed a lot of the time.

Sun sextile Moon in the composite chart

You are both easily able to understand each other’s subconscious desires and emotions.

You can bring out the best in each other and have a smooth and harmonious relationship. You are both likely to highlight each other’s strengths.

Your relationship to each other is pleasant and easy going. You may have a lucky flow of energy in this relationship. This is a great placement for romance and friendship.

You both want the best for each other and will blend your strengths together to ensure the relationship succeeds.

You naturally empathize with each other and may easily show your affection and compassion for each other in this relationship.

Sun square Moon in the composite chart

You both are drawn to each other for reasons you can’t quite explain.

You may feel as if a magnetic tension keeps you both fascinated with each other. At first, you may enjoy the tension of your differences and may feel motivated by each other.

Yet you can also get on each other’s nerves if you focus on your differences. You may feel triggered by each other and may have to work to adapt your expectations so that you can work together.

You can potentially teach each other valuable lessons but you’ll have to get past defensiveness. Your egos may clash at times because you’ll feel like you’re working to accomplish different goals.

Aligning your strengths and missions will be necessary so that you can help each other succeed rather than undermining each other’s progress.

Sun trine Moon in the composite chart

You are both easily drawn to each other and can benefit each other’s growth in mutually helpful ways.

This is a great aspect for romance and friendships. You are both likely to feel at ease with each other and you can become complacent with each other.

You can bring out the best in each other. You don’t have to work hard to understand each other’s strengths and subconscious desires.

You can both bring affection, compassion and emotional support into each other’s lives. Your strengths and personalities align easily as well and there is an easy flow of harmony in the relationship.

Sun opposite Moon in the composite chart

You may both be fascinated with each other.

Though your strengths and approaches to emotions are dramatically different, you play off each other and learn from each other.

This can be an exciting relationship. You may have to work to align your strengths but you help awaken each other to what you would have individually overlooked.

The two of you really can accomplish more together than either of you could have accomplished separately.

You fuel each other’s success and can inspire each other to find your hidden strengths. You bring out the best in each other and need to focus on your common desires in order to make the relationship work.

Sun quincunx Moon in the composite chart

You may not get along with each other easily at first.

Your initial interactions with each other may be awkward in some way. One of you may be more interested in the relationship than the other.

Your relationship may suffer from poor timing or you may both have to work through obstacles to understanding each other.

Yet you keep coming back to try to iron out your differences. You can’t let each other go but you also don’t easily harmonize with each other at first.

Through trial and error, you both grow and mature with each other’s help. By facing a conflict head on rather than avoiding it, you learn more about your individual strengths.

Eventually, you can both channel your strengths and align with each other to succeed.

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