Sun and Mercury aspects in the Composite Chart: How is the communication in our relationship?

By 12andus

Sun-Mercury-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Mercury in the composite chart

This relationship is built on an easy flow of communication.

You both naturally understand each other’s habits. You easily see what is important to each other and are often on the same page.

Open and honest expression is a keystone of this relationship. You both easily convey your ideas and strengths.

You both know how to stimulate each other’s ideas and you can bring inspiration into each other’s lives. You may finish each other’s sentences.

You both understand how each other think as well and you are easily able to be understanding and flexible with each other.

Communication and exchange of ideas is a central feature of this relationship. The two of you never run out of topics to talk about.

You may also constantly seek mental stimulation, attention and connection from each other.

When you both get excited, you may speak over each other or compete to have the last word. Yet more often than not, you are both on the same page and encourage each other to express your ideas.

Sun sextile Mercury in the composite chart

It’s easy for the two of you to understand each other.

You both have an open flow of communication in this relationship. While you easily express your ideas, you also both don’t need to constantly talk with each other in order to feel connected.

You can give each other enough breathing room but are also always happy to stimulate each other’s ideas.

You both can encourage each other and support each other’s ideas. Each of you is likely to treat each other with diplomacy and give each other the benefit of the doubt.

You appreciate each other’s communication style. You aren’t so similar as to become bored with each other, yet you don’t have too many opposing views or ideas.

Sun square Mercury in the composite chart

You don’t share similar ideas and communication styles and this is a point of fascination in the relationship.

You are both set in your beliefs and when you clash it can be exciting and dynamic. You don’t have to agree on everything in order to get along.

In fact, you are drawn to each other in part because of your unique perspectives. You may both try to change each other’s minds or try to dominate each other’s perspective.

But your relationship will thrive when you both find ways to learn from each other or adapt to each other’s perspective.

You may both need to change some aspect of your communication style in order to come to an agreeable resolution.

Try to collaborate with each other drawing on your shared goals and interests. This can help you channel your differences rather than seeing each other as obstacles to your personal plans.

Sun trine Mercury in the composite chart

You charm each other easily with your words of support and encouragement.

The two of you are able to inspire each other and you play off of each other’s interests and ideas. You can be playful and flexible with each other and there may be open communication between you two.

This is a great relationship for friendship, yet the ease of communication also lends itself to romance as well.

You are attracted to each other because of your shared interests and because you both have a way with words.

You may both encourage each other to share your ideas. Even if time goes by without communication, as soon as you’re back in touch with each other you pick back up where you left off as if nothing has changed.

Sun opposite Mercury in the composite chart

You challenge each other’s ideas and can make each other think about different angles outside of your own experience.

This is a great relationship for friends or mentor/mentee relationship. As a romantic couple, the two of you have different mindsets and can surprise each other.

You’ll both need to find some common ground to keep the connection fluid. Though you may bring new perspectives into each other’s lives and upset each other’s complacency, you can also learn from each other.

This relationship may challenge you both to take on a new perspective. Try to avoid reacting with defenses and you’ll both be able to find motivation in the relationship.

Sun quincunx Mercury in the composite chart

You may both have difficulty expressing your ideas to each other.

There may be a language barrier or you may have such different ideas and perspectives that you both feel as if you’re struggling to stay on the same page.

Though this relationship is filled with friction when it comes to expression and communication, there is also room for growth.

If the two of you are willing to make some sacrifices and adjustments, you’ll be able to drastically improve your connection.

Though it may take effort, the payoff will be personal growth you both experience as you learn to connect intellectually.

Insecurities and confidence issues can also lead the two of you to misunderstand each other. Try to resolve these issues rather than abandoning hope.

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