Sun and Mars aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we motivate each other to express our unique strengths?

By 12andus

Sun-Mars-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Mars in the composite chart

You know how to push each other’s buttons, but in a good way.

You easily motivate each other and stimulate each other’s creativity. You both bring out the passion in each other. Through this relationship, you show your confidence and strength.

You both bring optimism to the relationship and may each have a sense of invincibility when you are together. In fact, you may bring out each other’s arrogance or grandiosity.

It’s easy for the two of you to conquer any obstacle when you work together. This is an empowering relationship and the two of you seem to never run out of energy.

No matter the nature of your relationship, you both show great passion for each other. You need plenty of stimulation and excitement or else you’ll both become bored.

Sun sextile Mars in the composite chart

You both excite each other and help each other find motivation and focus.

You stimulate each other’s creativity and passions. This can be a great relationship for romance or friendship. You bring adventure and a degree of impulsivity into each other’s lives.

You can both be protective over each other yet you aren’t so enmeshed as to become possessive or jealous of each other’s relationships.

Instead, a little healthy competition is all you both need to encourage each other. You may motivate each other by finding creative and playful ways to tackle difficult tasks.

Neither of you will allow the other to give up. You help each other see the bright side and usually when you work together you’re both successful because you have faith in each other’s abilities.

Sun square Mars in the composite chart

You may not have the most harmonious relationship, but you’re never bored together.

The two of you know how to motivate each other. You may be a feisty pair who can challenge each other.

Neither of you tolerates complacency. You both push each other’s boundaries yet you don’t find it irritating. Instead, you’re likely to fascinate each other.

This is a great placement for lovers or friends who thrive on excitement and even a little drama. You help each other learn to see beyond your own assumptions.

You’ll also motivate each other to act on your desires.

Sun trine Mars in the composite chart

You both easily inspire each other and can become instigators when you work together.

Whether you encourage each other to play pranks, take risks, or challenge yourselves to grow, this relationship provides a basis for optimism, fun and adventure.

You may help each other overcome insecurities and build up each other’s confidence. The passion in this relationship is steadily flowing and you aren’t likely to become jealous of each other.

You both know how to trigger each other to take action and neither of you will allow the other to become complacent.

Sun opposite Mars in the composite chart

The two of you are brought together to challenge each other in key ways.

In particular, you challenge each other’s ambitions. You may feel as if you are each standing in each other’s way, yet you’re actually called to push each other to succeed.

Your relationship may be passionate, dynamic or even adversarial. You won’t easily fall into a harmonious relationship with each other at first.

You have to both work around jealousies or competition with each other. When you do, however, you’ll find the relationship to be encouraging and motivating in the long run.

Sun quincunx Mars in the composite chart

You may not know what to make of each other at first.

You both have a habit of being frank and honest and yet this may be more unsettling than appreciated initially. You are also both likely to frustrate each other early in the relationship.

You trigger each other’s love of a good challenge, though, and this can lead you both to continue with the otherwise conflicted relationship until you learn the ways to work together.

When you do, you’ll find each other to be motivating and inspiring to each other. You can help each other overcome significant obstacles and find confidence and strength during difficult times, but first you both need to adjust your expectations and embrace each other’s unique style.

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