Sun and North Node aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we shape each other’s personality and help each other grow?

Sun-True_Lunar_Node-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct North Node in the composite chart

You are both intrinsically attracted to each other’s personalities.

Through this relationship, you both help each other advance in uncomfortable but necessary ways. The changes you usher into each other’s lives hit close to home.

You may have dramatic influence on each other’s sense of purpose and destiny. Through this relationship, the two of you are able to release past life Karma and evolve.

The spiritual aspect of this relationship influences both of you in very personal ways. You may help to shape each other’s personalities in instrumental ways.

You both instinctively understand who you are when you’re together and you also understand what your shared mission is as a couple.

You both come to understand that you have work to do together and this can involve creativity and empowering each other’s personal strengths.

Sun sextile North Node in the composite chart

You are both on a mission to help bring out the best in each other.

Though you easily relate to each other, your greatest talents help you both to compel each other to evolve spiritually and personally.

Part of the purpose of the relationship is dramatic change, though you both may not be conscious of it at first.

You may also have the luxury of taking your time to awaken to the greater mission in this relationship. The connection between the two of you is steeped in spirituality as well as having an emotional and mental bond.

Sun square North Node in the composite chart

You may challenge each other on core levels.

Though you may not be consciously able to describe it, you both feel unable to leave each other alone even as you feel defensive or stuck when you are together.

This is because you have a shared destiny and this relationship helps you to both fulfill your highest potential.

Yet the path to realizing this on a conscious level is not an easy one. You may deny aspects of your personal strengths or resort to competing with each other at first.

Yet if you both come to see each other as motivational mentors rather than obstacles to comfort and complacency, this relationship can be instrumental to helping each other grow and mature.

Sun trine North Node in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of a shared Karmic mission.

This relationship may feel like you have an otherworldly bond to each other. Part of your shared destiny involves bringing out each other’s strengths and talents.

You may succeed in romance or even in business or creative pursuits because of your ease of empowering each other.

The same advice others have given you both may seem more authentic when you give it to each other. You’re likely to help each other experience epiphanies that can be life changing.

You easily help each other thrive and develop in new ways because of your optimism and generosity with each other.

Sun opposite North Node in the composite chart

You are both comfortable with each other and the pleasure and optimism in the relationship is hard to pass up.

Yet you can also lead each other to lose focus and become complacent. It is important for each of you to set boundaries with each other so that you can thrive and grow to your full potential.

Without meaning to, you may both end up enabling each other and leading each other to miss key opportunities for growth.

This relationship can help you both grow and evolve but you must both be willing to challenge each other and evolve past your comfort zones.

Sun quincunx North Node in the composite chart

You may both have difficulty letting go of control and encouraging each other to thrive.

You both have an initial impulse to play it safe and choose comfort over growth. Yet over the course of the relationship you can both encourage each other to fulfill your destiny and potential.

In order for you each to be successful, you both need to become comfortable with your own strengths and talents in order to help each other reach your destiny as a couple.

You both may have to overcome insecurities and fears so that you can help each other let go and rise to full power. You may wait for each other to take the lead in the relationship and this can slow things down.

Yet as soon as one of you begins to take initiative, the other will follow suit.

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