Sun and Ceres aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we bring comfort and nurturing to the relationship?

By 12andus

Sun-Ceres-Conj.jpg Sun conjunct Ceres in the composite chart

You both have distinct personal talents and gifts for bringing optimism and confidence to each other.

This is the most powerful and intense way that you are both able to succeed in nurturing each other. You both have a keen sense of what each other needs in order to feel personally cared for.

This personalized approach to tending to each other’s comforts can make this a deeply satisfying relationship. This relationship can be very grounding as well.

You both know just how to encourage each other and you naturally inspire each other to pursue your unique talents.

You may help each other thrive in creative or performing arts and this relationship can help you both become more confident, improving your self-esteem.

Sun sextile Ceres in the composite chart

You are nurturing and attentive to each other and you easily help to bring out each other’s special gifts.

This relationship can bring all the inspiration and encouragement you both need to feel stronger and more confident in your talents, particularly leadership and artistic talents.

You are easily able to provide a solid foundation for each other and share the task of encouraging and comforting each other.

You can count on each other to know just how to provide entertainment, cheer and a few good laughs when you both need a pick-me-up.

Sun square Ceres in the composite chart

Although you both care about each other, your styles of nurturing often miss the mark at first.

You may have to work harder to teach each other how you both like to be cared for. Your timing, pace or intensity of expressing your love and compassion may be slightly uncomfortable to each other.

This relationship may initially feel like being with someone who tries hard to get a perfect gift for you but always misinterprets what you really want. The key lesson in this relationship involves helping each other to be assertive.

When you help each other to reveal your true desires and style of giving and receiving comfort, you will both feel relieved and better able to show you care for each other.

This is an important relationship to motivate you both to learn how to express your compassion and caring sides.

Sun trine Ceres in the composite chart

You both easily know how to nurture each other and this relationship can be highly satisfying and comforting.

You both know how to uplift each other in unique ways that appeal to your personal desires as individuals. You can find it easy to relate to each other’s desires for security.

You each have a knack for bringing cheer, color and humor to each other’s lives. You know how to help inspire each other and through this relationship you can both easily create abundance.

You believe each other are capable of great success and will fuel each other’s creativity and ambitions. You’ll also likely see the best in each other and because of this, you help each other overcome obstacles and thrive.

Sun opposite Ceres in the composite chart

You both have to work to understand each other’s unique gifts. You may both try to impose your own views and ambitions onto each other.

This is an ideal relationship for you both to emerge into your own individual power even as you challenge each other in the process. By finding balance, you are both able to learn to nurture each other in unique ways.

You may be drawn to each other because you appreciate each other’s ability to make the best of challenging situations.

Your ability to find success in light of difficulties can be a motivating factor in the relationship as you don’t always see eye to eye easily.

Sun quincunx Ceres in the composite chart

You are both initially unsure of each other and the relationship.

You may try to tread lightly around each other, not confident of the connection or each other’s feelings. Yet if you are both willing to take small risks to step out of your comfort zones, you’ll find this relationship is comforting.

You can adjust your perspectives to learn how to empower each other. This is also a good relationship for both of you to learn your true inner strengths.

You can overcome insecurities about your own talents with each other’s help. You both may see strengths in each other’s potential that you don’t see on your own.

This relationship can help you both learn to accept yourselves unconditionally just as you grow to accept each other.

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