Moon and Saturn aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help to bring each other’s feelings and instincts into formation?


    Moon-Saturn-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Saturn in the composite chart

    You are both attuned to each other’s intuition and feelings.

    You may crave tradition and security in this relationship and even if others see your relationship as slow moving, you both make sure you are able to support each other’s dreams.

    The two of you take the time to cultivate a nurturing, solid and secure relationship. You may make sure that every aspect of home and family life is in order.

    This relationship can be the foundation for each of you manifesting your subconscious desires.

    You may both instinctively understand how to make each other feel at home and will work diligently to make sure each partner is comfortable.

    You may also have a tendency to be reserved about how you express your emotions, focusing on practical matters rather than becoming overly sentimental.

    Moon sextile Saturn in the composite chart

    You are both likely to nurture each other’s practical goals.

    This is a good relationship for both of you to become more stable and confident in your feelings. You prefer to keep a low profile rather than being overtly emotional.

    The two of you can help each other turn your subconscious desires into reality and you may both find it easy to nurture each other’s dreams.

    This relationship can help you both feel grounded and secure, you both don’t just talk about what you want, you turn your desires into successful accomplishments.

    Moon square Saturn in the composite chart

    You may both have a difficult time expressing your feelings in this relationship.

    You may try to use your instincts and intuition to nurture each other only to fall short or unintentionally frustrate each other instead.

    The two of you can challenge each other to express your subconscious desires though if you both follow through on this challenge, the relationship can bring emotional maturity.

    You may help each other overcome hard lessons with each other’s help. This relationship can also help you both find greater self-discipline and embrace challenges as a springboard to success.

    You can help each other learn to reserve emotion and combine instinct with practical strategies.

    Moon trine Saturn in the composite chart

    The two of you easily blend your instincts and self-discipline to manifest your shared dreams.

    Through this relationship, you are both easily able to help each other manifest your desires. You don’t rely on wishful thinking and fantasies but each of you can count on each other to help see your plans through to completion.

    You are both reliable and loyal in this relationship. Even if it takes time, you are able to help each other bring your subconscious dreams into reality.

    You are both drawn to tradition and may create a nurturing but also successful and stable home together.

    Family is also important to both of you so you try to pay attention to practical details in order to ensure you are both able to feel comfortable and secure.

    Moon opposite Saturn in the composite chart

    You can initially find it difficult to blend your instincts and intuition and manifest your shared goals.

    Both of you need to work to find balance in this relationship, otherwise you run the risk of stifling each other’s emotional needs.

    You may find it difficult holding space for each other’s emotional needs and if you are too quick to expect rationality and practicality you may gloss over each other’s deeper desires.

    This relationship can bring significant karmic lessons that help you both find validation for your feelings and subconscious desires.

    You don’t easily help each other manifest your desires at first but with practice and patience you can both find ways to motivate each other to succeed.

    Moon quincunx Saturn in the composite chart

    You both have to work diligently to align your emotions and practical desires.

    Until you really start to fall into step together, this relationship can be awkward. You may need emotional connection and nurturing from each other at a time when your partner is focused instead on practical matters.

    But if you are both able to manage your expectations and be patient with each other, in time you’ll both be able to help each other nurture your shared dreams.

    This is particularly true when it comes to plans for home and family. You may have to work to fall into step with each other when it comes to being ready for certain personal milestones.

    Your goals related to home, family or business can help each other thrive but it will take some practice to work through insecurities that keep you both stagnant.

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