Moon and Uranus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we nurture each other through unexpected changes?

Moon-Uranus-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Uranus in the composite chart

You are both intuitively attuned to each other and may amplify each other’s intense feelings.

You can easily motivate each other to make changes though you may add fuel to each other’s fire and encourage each other to be spontaneous or even impulsive.

Through this relationship you both can make dramatic and intense breaks from tradition and may redefine family or have a unique household arrangement.

This relationship can also help the two of you make unusual and eccentric moves and you excite and inspire each other in the process.

Though you help each other take leaps of faith, it can be challenging to create stability in the process of embracing change because the two of you are both eager to throw caution to the wind and embark on new ventures.

Moon sextile Uranus in the composite chart

The two of you easily assist each other in creating dramatic changes and embracing unique surprises.

Through this relationship, you both open your eyes to dramatic new visions and futuristic plans. When you both need to nurture each other’s quirky, individual nature, it’s easy for you both to do this.

This relationship can be inspiring and filled with surprises though you are both likely to find this empowering and nurturing rather than intimidating.

Through the connection you have to each other, you can help each other take risks and undergo breakthroughs that help you both find your independence and enhance your unique talents.

Moon square Uranus in the composite chart

You are both easily motivated by this relationship though unexpected surprises and shocking changes can create frustration.

You may both have to work through tense dynamics in this relationship as change may seem threatening to your sense of home and security.

Yet when you work together with creativity and use your gifts of innovation, you can both find ways to push each other outside of your comfort zones.

This is a great relationship for helping you two to reinvent your priorities especially when it comes to home and family.

You may serve as catalysts in each other’s lives, helping to push each other out of your comfort zone and redefine comfort and security.

Moon trine Uranus in the composite chart

You both easily take advantage of unusual changes and shocking surprises.

Through this relationship, you both can help each other embrace epiphanies and unusual insights that help you accept unusual changes.

This relationship can also be a catalyst for dramatic milestones and changes that help you both redefine home, family and security.

Through your shared optimism, open-mindedness, and creativity, you can both help each other welcome needed changes that are unusual or unorthodox.

You may shock each other by opening new doors that lead to success. This relationship may be ruled by intuition and instinct and even when you take a lesser traveled path you are likely to help each other grow and evolve.

Moon opposite Uranus in the composite chart

The two of you easily trigger strong reactions from each other. You both can push each other’s buttons.

Through this relationship, however, you can both help each other to face important subconscious issues and overcome insecurities.

This is by inspiring each other to embrace dramatic changes that may be shocking or uncomfortable.

You both may feel tension in the relationship especially when it comes to managing finances, home, family and trying to make each other feel secure.

Though it can be stressful and the two of you may feel restless in this relationship, when you finally do find ways to balance your energies and strengths you can be catalysts for change for each other.

Moon quincunx Uranus in the composite chart

The two of you initially clash and may make each other feel uncomfortable.

You don’t easily know how to connect with each other emotionally and the two of you may find it difficult to nurture each other through important changes.

Though you may look to each other for reassurance, you may have to both find an independent path through unexpected changes in order to grow and evolve together.

You may become catalysts for each other to make important changes in family, home or finances though each of you may resist these needed changes at first.

When you both are willing to let go and take risks, you can better help each other overcome complacency and obstacles.

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