Moon and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How to we inspire dramatic transformation in home and family life through this relationship?

By 12andus

Moon-Pluto-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

You are both dramatically attracted to each other and can help each other release subconscious insecurities.

This can help you both become empowered and more confident to make changes in home and family life.

Through this relationship, you are both able to encourage each other to let go of past wounds. You may help each other face insecurities and fears and can nurture each other’s desires.

You can both be intense and attuned to each other’s subconscious. You may feel as if you can read each other’s secrets and this is a great placement for intimate relationships.

You may also both come into each other’s lives to help each other embrace dramatic transformation that can empower your views of home, family or your potential in business.

Moon sextile Pluto in the composite chart

You are both likely to have a powerful and transformative impact on each other’s lives.

Through this relationship you can both inspire each other to let go of the past and embrace your desires.

This relationship can help you both make dramatic changes that help you heal from past wounds related to home, family or personal insecurities.

You are both able to empower each other to be open and transparent about your feelings including vulnerabilities.

You may be able to easily attune yourselves to each other’s subconscious and intuitively get a sense of what each other needs to feel secure at home.

Moon square Pluto in the composite chart

You are magnetically drawn to each other yet the intense energy in this relationship can also lead you both to compete for power.

You may resort to passive-aggressive tactics and because you are both intuitively in tune with each other, you can become manipulative, jealous or possessive of each other.

You can inspire each other to overcome fears and insecurities through this relationship but you will both also have to overcome the urge to control each other.

By working to overcome tension in this relationship you can both become empowered to instigate change and transformation if you don’t allow your own fears to stand in the way.

Moon trine Pluto in the composite chart

You are both intensely drawn to each other and may easily usher change and transformation into each other’s lives.

This is a significant relationship that can have a huge impact on both of you, especially when it comes to establishing a shared home or family.

Your relationship may come on the heels of some kind of loss or major change. You may both help each other to find the confidence to rebuild after a major challenge.

You may easily help each other embrace growth and rebirth at a time of critical change. Even when loss is involved, you are both able to make the most of a difficult situation. You may help each other overcome significant fears together as well.

Moon opposite Pluto in the composite chart

The two of you may resist the magnetic draw you feel toward each other.

If this happens it is because you both have to overcome some kind of fear or insecurity in order to allow this relationship to grow.

You may be catalysts for empowerment in each other’s lives but only after you make adjustments to expectations or accept a loss of some kind.

Through this relationship you may both become more secure in your personal power and authority. You may challenge each other to redefine family or home in some important way as well.

Though this relationship may trigger your deeper fears initially, you can both find each other irresistibly attractive. Major lessons can come as the result of this relationship.

Moon quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

You may both be able to help each other grow and thrive in spite of insecurities and fears, yet you’ll have to work through urges to sabotage the relationship.

You may both have a strong desire to nurture each other while at the same time having deeper fears about commitment, or starting a family together.

Through this relationship you can both become more confident in breaking from family traditions or starting a family or household together.

You may both have to overcome past ideas about wealth, security and home. But you help each other embark on a new chapter in your lives together with practice and patience.

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