Moon and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we work together to overcome challenges and achieve success?

    By 12andus

    Moon-Pallas-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

    The two of you easily come together as mentors and guides in each other’s lives.

    You may instantly see the ways your connection can help you both overcome challenges and succeed in your goals.

    From the start you are both able to see how this relationship can be instrumental in helping you both navigate an important mission.

    You are easily excited about forming a team and through your partnership or friendship, your collaborations can be inspiring and motivating.

    If either of you are facing a personal battle, this relationship becomes a source of strength and you may even work together to devise a winning battle strategy.

    You may also come into each other’s lives at a time when one or both of you needs to be strategic and savvy in order to overcome a major challenge and you’re perfect allies for each other.

    Moon sextile Pallas in the composite chart

    You are both easily excited by each other’s creativity and may share a personal mission or crusade.

    This relationship can empower you both to work together and learn from each other. You easily inspire each other to rally to common goals.

    Through this connection, you are both able to find unique ways to succeed if you take each other’s wisdom and guidance to heart.

    You are able to easily lean on each other for advice and without trying to dominate each other, you’ll both give your best guidance.

    You try to help each other see problems with an objective lens and help each other map a course to success.

    Moon square Pallas in the composite chart

    You are both intrigued by each other’s strong views and sharp intellect.

    You instinctively feel drawn to each other and your intuition helps you both guide each other as powerful mentors.

    Initially you may feel like you’re in competition with each other. This relationship can bring frustrations and this can lead you both to clash with each other.

    Yet if you can find common ground, the two of you can make powerful allies, helping each other to overcome challenges and achieve an important goal.

    This relationship can help you both find the motivation you need to take on an important battle together but you both may need to adjust your plans and expectations so that you can help each other succeed.

    Moon trine Pallas in the composite chart

    You are both easily drawn to each other and feel intuitively connected to a shared mission.

    Regardless of the nature of the relationship, you are both easily able to see a path that is best for each other and for the relationship.

    Your shared creativity and intellect combined with intuition can make you both a winning couple as you easily devise strategies that help each other overcome challenges.

    You are also easily able to inspire each other’s confidence and motivate each other to make bold steps toward success.

    This is a great relationship for friends, romance, business partners, and family. You have a shared vision and can inspire each other to overcome the odds.

    Moon opposite Pallas in the composite chart

    The two of you may clash when it comes to figuring out strategies to succeed.

    You may try to influence or mentor each other but strong opinions and intuitive instincts can lead you both to stand your ground and be inflexible.

    Yet if you both are able to take each other’s feedback seriously, you may stretch outside of your comfort zone and find success in unexpected ways.

    You both can team up as allies and succeed in overcoming your challenges, but it’s best if you can take risks and honor each other’s unique visions and ideas.

    Moon quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

    This is a challenging relationship because you both may allow your insecurities to keep you silent about your vision and ideas.

    Yet when you each become more confident in yourself and trust your intuition, you will likely share your ideas and goals. You’ll be surprised to learn that you have more in common than you realized.

    The two of you may go to extremes to try to avoid asking for help or becoming too needy. But if you are both able to trust your instincts and speak your views, you’ll be able to realize your shared potential as a couple.

    The two of you may be able to step up to the plate as mentors and guides in each other’s lives. You may form an organization or collaborate on an effort to bring change or growth.

    Your shared mission and ideals are an important part of the relationship and this can be a source of healing, empowerment, and common ground.

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