Moon and Midheaven aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we nurture each other’s growth in career and public image?

Moon-MC-Conj.jpg Moon conjunct Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both seen by others as a nurturing and emotionally supportive power couple.

This relationship can provide fertile ground for you both to nurture your career goals. You may provide the intuitive guidance and wisdom each other needs to grow professionally.

Your shared ability to influence others’ feelings can be essential to your career growth and you may both inspire and enhance each other’s success.

Because you are able to nurture each other’s feelings and create security in this relationship, you are also able to express your gentle and vulnerable side publicly.

Your gentleness and compassion toward each other can lead you both to make influential connections that empower your career or amplify your positive reputation as a couple.

Moon sextile Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both nurturing and insightful and your intuitive guidance can help you both climb the career ladder.

As a couple, you may have a reputation for being hospitable, caring and intuitive. You may also help each other overcome insecurities and become more open about your vulnerability and emotions.

This can lead to success in careers related to healing, counseling, and professions requiring empathy and good interpersonal skills.

You may be intuitively guided to work together on a project or career that includes public recognition but which also involves portraying the personal touch and sensitivity you both have.

Moon square Midheaven in the composite chart

You may both want to help each other succeed in career, but doing so can throw the relationship out of balance.

It may be an initial instinct for you both to conceal or control your intuition or emotions so that you can focus on career and reputation.

But this only holds you both back from success in career and can also start to undermine the relationship.

It’s better if you are both able to adjust your expectations and allow your vulnerability and emotional nature to show through. Being open to expressing your shared feelings publicly is helpful to your career or public image.

Both of you have the ability to gain recognition and admiration that can help you succeed in career if you are both open to expressing your subconscious ideas and desires.

Moon trine Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both nurturing and intuitive and when it comes to career and public reputation, these traits work in your favor.

This relationship gives you both an opportunity to show the world your creative, intuitive and caring side. You may both also succeed in careers related to home, family and personal connection.

Because you are both able to appeal to each other’s emotional needs and maintain a sensitive connection to each other’s feelings, you are both able to put others at ease.

This can help you gain the influence and popularity you need in order to succeed in your profession. You may both be able to nurture a positive reputation that helps you both gain attention and admiration publicly.

Moon opposite Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both eager to succeed in career and develop a positive public reputation, yet you may feel something is missing.

That’s because this relationship challenges you both to balance nurturing each other and pursuing success in career or public image.

You may both assume you have to hide your emotions or stifle some aspect of your personal connection in order to maintain a positive reputation.

You may also become insecure or resentful toward each other if your career isn’t advancing as you would have hoped.

Rather than struggling with competing interests between the relationship and your shared career success, you will do well to find a connection between your professional goals and your relationship’s needs.

This relationship brings important lessons related to being open and vulnerable as a couple and also finding solid ground to help your career thrive.

Moon quincunx Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both able to find ways to nurture your career and your relationship but it will take time and practice.

You may both have to initially overcome insecurities and fears in order to let your guard down and show your emotions and vulnerability.

You don’t have to hide your imperfections in order to maintain a positive public reputation. You both have an opportunity to become more confident in your subconscious desires and intuition so that you can help each other thrive in career.

You are likely to both help each other find the encouragement and support you need to nurture each other’s career growth.

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