Mercury and Venus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other express our value and beauty?


    Mercury-Venus-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Venus in the composite chart

    You are both instantly attracted to each other, seeing each other as physical beautiful and as special treasures.

    You help each other express your love and romantic desires. You may also both have a powerful magnetic draw to each other. This can be love at first sight, or first word.

    Your ideas and style of communication can easily disarm each other. Through this relationship you both can find your own value, beauty and appreciation for your creative talents.

    You bring out the best of each other when it comes to sharing your compassion and you may find it easy to communicate in gentle, loving and romantic ways.

    You both know how to appeal to each other’s need for peace and harmony and your plans and communication style are all about making each other comfortable. You prefer to solve problems by coming to a consensus rather than dominating each other.

    As a couple, you’re likely to still flirt with each other long after the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship is over.

    Mercury sextile Venus in the composite chart

    You’re both never at a loss of encouraging and romantic words to share with each other.

    Polite, diplomatic, and eager to please, you both easily think up ways to make each other feel beautiful and comfortable.

    This relationship helps you both see your beauty and worth. You may also have a positive impact on each other’s finances as you help each other plan ways to attract abundance.

    You speak kindly and affectionately to each other. Even when you have serious matters to discuss, you’re both mindful of being inspiring and nurturing rather than criticizing each other.

    Mercury square Venus in the composite chart

    You are both drawn to each other yet may have plans to try to improve each other’s appearance or style.

    This may not be love at first sight, but ironically, you both grow to appreciate and love each other. You may also both have an attraction to each other’s ideas more than physical appearance, especially in the early stages of the relationship.

    It’s possible for you both to learn ways to express your desire for each other and value each other’s beauty, but you’ll first have to come to terms with inherent differences.

    This may be a difference in style, beliefs, plans, or ideas. Yet the differences in your approach can lead you to initially clash with each other.

    Because of your continued communication, you’ll both come to find each other’s ideas quite attractive.

    Mercury trine Venus in the composite chart

    The two of you easily express your compassion and admiration for each other.

    You see each other as beautiful and charming. Your shared communication style brings out the best in each other and you help each other attract abundance and create comfort.

    This relationship can also help both of you become more open and authentic when expressing your feelings and love.

    You may encourage each other to learn more compassionate and gentle ways of communicating. This relationship can also inspire you both to think of each other’s comfort and security.

    Mercury opposite Venus in the composite chart

    Both of you have ideas about what you value or find beautiful, and these ideas clash significantly.

    This can initially turn you both off in the relationship. You may not be attracted to each other’s ideas, communication style, or even appearance at first.

    Yet this relationship offers important lessons for both of you. These lessons can include how to express yourselves with greater compassion.

    Initially, you may both struggle with the urge to say what you feel regardless of each other’s perceptions. Yet you can also help each other to learn to speak with greater compassion, positivity and admiration.

    Through this relationship, you may also both learn to be open about your desires and let down your guard. You can help each other overcome insecurities and jealousies that keeps you from being open about your feelings.

    Mercury quincunx Venus in the composite chart

    This relationship may bring up insecurities and jealousy for both of you.

    Though you may both feel attracted to each other, some ideas or miscommunications can leave the two of you feeling as if the time isn’t right.

    You may also have a difficult time expressing your love and affection for each other. It may take time and practice, but you can both help each other become more open and improve communication.

    This is particularly true when it comes to improving communication about what you both value and how you perceive each other.

    You may assume each partner knows their beauty and value, but this can lead to misunderstandings or assumptions.

    Through this relationship, you can both become more assertive and diplomatic in expressing your desires and empathy for each other.

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