Mercury and Mars aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we communicate about our passions and express our will in the relationship?

    By 12andus

    Mercury-Mars-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Mars in the composite chart

    When the two of you put your minds to it, you can move mountains.

    You’re both able to motivate each other and can be cheerleaders for each other’s ambitions and goals.

    When one of you has an idea, the other will be quick to act to bring this plan to fruition. You may also be a couple that has dynamic conversations.

    Even when you argue, the passion soars. Rather than feeling angry with each other, your differences of opinion, when they occur, motivate and inspire each other.

    This relationship may be motivated by your shared imagination or communication style. You know how to get each other to do the seemingly impossible.

    You may both think fast and act spontaneously in the relationship. It’s never a dull moment when the two of you are together.

    Mercury sextile Mars in the composite chart

    You are both able to inspire and encourage each other to act on your plans.

    There’s little opportunity in this relationship for procrastination. You both quickly go from idea to conversation to action and this helps you succeed in achieving your goals.

    You’re also likely to easily motivate each other. Through this relationship, the two of you may become more focused and help each other find new and exciting passions.

    You can connect intellectually around a shared love of sports or a shared interest that becomes an obsession.

    Though you are both playful, you would rather work together than compete with each other.

    Mercury square Mars in the composite chart

    Though you both have conflicting opinions and can be set in your ways, you also can’t leave each other alone.

    You both may be tempted to try to change each other’s opinions, and you are each intrigued enough to continually come back for more.

    Yet this relationship isn’t smooth sailing at first. You can inspire each other through debate that can be flirty, passionate and feisty.

    You may also both have communication styles that irritate each other. If you try to change each other or overpower each other’s will, this relationship will be filled with tension.

    Yet you can also build off the friction in this relationship and help each other see new perspectives by sharing your passions.

    Try to help each other expand on your beliefs rather than insisting that you each are “right” and the other is “wrong.”

    Mercury trine Mars in the composite chart

    You can both inspire each other and motivate each other to act on your ideas.

    The communication between the two of you can be direct and assertive, but this helps you both to trust each other. Neither of you needs to worry about deception in this relationship.

    In fact, you may both feel so comfortable with each other that you speak impulsively. Yet you both know that your communication style is heartfelt.

    You can also inspire each other to become obsessed with each other’s passion and interests. This relationship can introduce you both to new hobbies or sports.

    Activity and challenges can boost creativity for you both. You can also both become passionate about helping each other fulfill your shared ambitions.

    Mercury opposite Mars in the composite chart

    You both may have difficulty expressing your passions and acting on your plans.

    You may have to repeatedly prompt each other in order to feel like you’re getting the cooperation you need.

    Because your passions and plans may differ greatly, you can both become set in your ways and may reach a stalemate before finding ways to productively solve problems.

    Yet if you are each willing to consider compromise, your shared creativity can help you both achieve balance and embrace new ways to put your plans into action.

    Mercury quincunx Mars in the composite chart

    You are both uncomfortable acting on your ideas.

    You each may wait for the other before you’re willing to take a risk and pursue your ambitions.

    You may also both have a strong desire to project your will onto each other. Yet without even being comfortable voicing your needs, you may both end up tiptoeing around each other.

    When this doesn’t work, one or the other partner may go to extremes, becoming demanding or aggressive.

    It’s best if you both express your desires assertively and help to inspire each other to fulfill your plans and ideas.

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