Mercury and Jupiter aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we expand each other’s ideas and vision?

Mercury-Jupiter-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the composite chart

This is a great relationship for helping you both to expand your mind and consider new philosophies.

You both help each other become more optimistic. This relationship can bring out the confidence you both have and can be filled with fun inspiration.

You can both help each other consider new options and awaken to new possibilities. You may also both help each other take new risks.

This relationship can also lead you both to take extravagant risks with spending and this can lead to continuous money issues, but neither of you will likely be stressed.

You are both too committed to helping each other follow your dreams. Your relationship is filled with adventure and open, honest communication. You both have plenty to talk to each other about.

Mercury sextile Jupiter in the composite chart

You both know how to uplift and inspire each other.

This relationship brings out confidence and optimism for both of you. You easily relate to each other but are also helpful in expanding each other’s minds.

You can both find it easy to express your ideas honestly and openly and you approach each other with positivity and generosity.

Through this relationship, you may both be inspired to expand your social circles and explore new beliefs or spiritual philosophies.

You both are likely to have a positive and fortunate influence on each other’s mindset.

Mercury square Jupiter in the composite chart

You both want to have an optimistic and honest relationship but ideological differences may lead you to clash with each other.

You are both firm about what you believe and it’s difficult for the two of you to influence each other.

Yet if you are each able to agree to disagree on certain key issues, this relationship can be filled with excitement.

You may be able to challenge each other’s beliefs and encourage each other to open your mind because of the new ideas you share with each other.

Initially, your relationship may be filled with clashing and debates. But these debates can become inspiring and passionate, further fueling your interest in each other.

Mercury trine Jupiter in the composite chart

You have an easy flow of communication with each other, and the two of you easily uplift each other.

This relationship is honest, positive, generous and encouraging. You both know how to help each other open your minds to new beliefs and philosophies.

You may find it easy to share your beliefs and your ideals align so that you can both help each other achieve your dreams.

You may frequently plan new ventures together and the ideas and conversation always flows freely.

Yet problems can arise if you both become too caught up in dreams and fantasies. You both need to help to anchor each other so you can follow through on your many plans and idea.

Mercury opposite Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both intrigued by each other, yet your ideals may clash.

You openly challenge each other’s ideas and plans and although this can lead to conflicts and arguments, you can both help to give each other a needed reality check.

If you are able to work together toward shared goals, it will be easier for both of you to accomplish your goals.

You can also help each other to stay on target and not get lost in fantasy.

You can both help each other to remain realistic, although you may both feel as if each partner is limiting each other’s dreams and plans.

Mercury quincunx Jupiter in the composite chart

You are both insecure about your shared ideals or communication style as a couple.

Initially, you may introduce each other to new ideas and beliefs that you both may question. You both need to make some adjustments to your communication style in order to convey your ideas to each other.

You may both try to hold on to the past or resist needed change and in doing so, neither of you are open to what you could learn from each other.

But once you open your mind to embracing new ideas and plans, you can both become inspired by each other.

New ideas and beliefs that at first seem intimidating may turn out to be empowering and inspiring in time.

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