Mercury and Neptune aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we express creativity, compassion, and healing in this relationship?

Mercury-Neptune-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Neptune in the composite chart

For both of you, it is easier to express your emotions and love through artistic rather than analytical means.

You may have trouble saying exactly how you both feel, but you each understand how to intuitively give each other the message. You may rely on music, the arts, and displays of affection to show each other how you feel.

This relationship can bring healing and compassion and you both focus on using communication to put each other at ease.

You may also both introduce each other to new spiritual ideas or ways of expressing your spiritual ideals.

You may both have an empathic connection and you each can read each other’s needs without even articulating it verbally.

Mercury sextile Neptune in the composite chart

You share a dreamy, imaginative nature and you can balance between expressing yourselves logically or through more intuitive means.

Though you are each comfortable expressing yourselves in artistic and creative ways, when need be you can also tap in to your intellectual, logical side.

This relationship can trigger your imagination and lead you both to invest more in your dreams. You may also contribute to each other’s emotional healing.

You are both empathic and compassionate toward each other, and you easily make your feelings known.

You can both encourage each other to share subconscious feelings and desires. You can share comfort and understanding, expressing your needs in very few words.

Mercury square Neptune in the composite chart

Communication in this relationship suffers because you both can be ambiguous and hide your real intentions.

You may both try too hard to please each other and in doing so, stifle your true message. You both may also have difficulty expressing your fantasies.

This relationship brings up lessons related to discerning truth from illusion. Yet you both will have to overcome some insecurities or difficulty dealing with your own confusion before you can improve communication in your relationship.

This relationship can bring motivation to you both as you may work to try to sort through illusions and communicate your feelings without getting lost in wishful thinking.

Mercury trine Neptune in the composite chart

You both find it easy to communicate about your deep feelings and desires.

You may express yourselves in unusual ways, such as through the arts and music. You can also communicate quite a bit together through your intuition.

Your shared empathy and compassion can enhance the bond the two of you have. Your connection is spiritual as well as intellectual.

You may help each other articulate your psychic instincts and emotions. This relationship easily brings healing and understanding to you both as well.

This relationship can bring comfort, compassion, and emotional fulfillment to you both as you know how to put each other’s minds at ease.

Mercury opposite Neptune in the composite chart

You are both at odds when it comes to expressing your feelings and abstract desires.

You may both try to stifle your feelings and alternate between relying on logic and reason and then vacillating to psychic instincts and feelings.

Through this relationship, you may both learn important lessons regarding communication and empathy. Yet you don’t instinctively understand each other’s feelings and communication style.

Instead, you may both have to work through confusion and illusions so that you can both become more assertive in expressing your feelings and dreams.

This relationship can lead to emotional and spiritual connection and healing once you both find the right balance.

You’ll both need to work together to separate wishful thinking from plans for future dreams that you can achieve together.

Mercury quincunx Neptune in the composite chart

You are both initially insecure or unsure of how to express your feelings in this relationship.

With some practice and patience, however, you can both also find ways to communicate on an emotional and spiritual level.

This is an important relationship for you both to learn lessons regarding trusting your intuition and sharing your vulnerable side.

Through this connection, you both are able to learn to express yourselves in verbal as well as nonverbal ways.

You help each other to express your deeper feelings and show your dreamy nature. The arts, music, and symbolism can be an important aspect of how you both communicate with each other.

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