Mercury and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we profoundly transform each other’s ideas and mindset?

Mercury-Pluto-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

You are both intense communicators and you both can inspire each other to dramatically change your mindset and ideas.

You bring out each other’s sense of power and authority and when the two of you speak, others take note and pay attention. You are both able to make your point in an intense way without being overly dramatic.

This relationship helps you both become more confident and empowered to stand by your ideas and beliefs. You may both have strong opinions and this can lead you to clash if your opinions differ.

Though you can potentially get into power struggles with each other, it’s more likely that you’ll both empower each other’s ideas.

You may also share an obsession in common and help each other to follow your ideas through to achieving your ambitions.

Mercury sextile Pluto in the composite chart

You both bring out each other’s determination and willpower as you help each other express your ideas.

You can also help each other become experts or authorities on shared interests. You have intense determination and can bring out each other’s sense of urgency.

This relationship empowers you both to put your obsessive interests and ideas to work helping you both to achieve your goals.

You both communicate your ideas with such passion that you’re easily able to influence each other and have a mesmerizing effect on others.

Mercury square Pluto in the composite chart

The two of you have strong opinions and can speak with intensity.

You may clash with each other when your ideas don’t align. It’s challenging for the two of you to meet each other eye to eye.

This relationship brings important life lessons to both of you. You can motivate each other to become more focused and confident in your beliefs, but you also both need to learn to compromise.

This isn’t easy for the two of you, but if you can both avoid power struggles and instead use your intuition and intelligence to find new resolutions, you can further empower each other.

Mercury trine Pluto in the composite chart

You both have a dramatic communication style and you may be focused and obsessed with your interests.

This can help you both accentuate your message and follow your ambition, as you’re both likely to share important interests, viewpoints and opinions.

Once the two of you set a goal or make a plan, you’ll move mountains to see it through.

It’s also easy for the two of you to influence each other to embrace dramatic change and transformation because of your ability to communicate how changes can be empowering.

You may both have an easy time expressing your subconscious ideas and stating your views without inhibitions.

Mercury opposite Pluto in the composite chart

The two of you come into each other’s life for an important reason.

You have major lessons to learn when it comes to releasing toxic beliefs and becoming more empowered, yet you may initially antagonize each other.

You may both find it difficult to compromise, and holding out on old ways of thinking rather than letting go of ideas that don’t serve you is a challenge for you both.

This relationship can bring dramatic power struggles to the surface. You may also have a chance to help each other release old fears, but first you both need to find ways to be honest and open about your subconscious fears and desires.

Mercury quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

You both don’t easily express your ideas when strong opinions are involved.

You may try to avoid controversial topics because you don’t want to trigger each other. Yet it’s important for you both to become empowered to speak your truth in the relationship.

Over time and with practice, you can both become more adept at sharing your influential ideas and expressing your strong opinions.

As you try to find the right balance, you may both vacillate between suppressing your fears and opinions and trying to dominate each other.

You both may have to work together to overcome patterns of obsession and manipulation, learning to be comfortable being honest and confident in your ideas.

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