Mercury and Juno aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we express our commitment and loyalty in the relationship?

    By 12andus

    Mercury-Juno-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Juno in the composite chart

    You may easily and immediately see each other as stable, loyal and nurturing.

    This is a great placement for romance, family and friendship. You both express your devotion and loyalty openly.

    There is no hesitation for the two of you to commit to each other and you both give your word as an oath in this relationship.

    You won’t make false promises to each other and you take your commitment and loyalty in this relationship seriously.

    Your ideas and intellectual interests are easily aligned and you may feel like this relationship is a perfect marriage of your ideological and intellectual interests.

    This relationship brings out your nurturing, caring and generous side. Intellectually, you both tend to stick with the same plan and don’t easily adapt to new ideas.

    You don’t want to rock the boat in the relationship and may prefer to focus on nurturing the connection through your communication, even if it means avoiding difficult conversations or criticism.

    Mercury sextile Juno in the composite chart

    You are both easily able to express your devotion and loyalty to each other.

    This relationship is nurturing and inspiring. You may feel connected because of strong loyalty to a shared ideology.

    Ideas and plans that you are both married to will ensure you both stay the course when working together on shared goals.

    You both fulfill your commitments and promises and you take each other’s words to heart.

    It’s easy for both of you to follow through on your promises, and because you take communication so seriously neither of you will make a promise you can’t keep.

    Mercury square Juno in the composite chart

    You both face frustrations between your ideas and plans and the desire for loyalty and commitment.

    You may have the best of intentions to follow through on your promises, but distractions and the idea of finding excitement or stimulation elsewhere can get in the way.

    This relationship doesn’t easily foster commitment to your shared ideas and goals.

    You may have to overcome the temptation to repeatedly change plans and ideas to avoid boredom.

    Making initial commitment may also be a challenge for the two of you because of fear of limiting your options.

    It may be easier for the two of you to commit to shared plans and ideas if you both allow each other flexibility to adapt to changing needs over time.

    Mercury trine Juno in the composite chart

    You easily form a commitment together because of your shared ideals and plans.

    It’s easy for the two of you to express your loyalty and follow through with the promises you make.

    This is a great relationship for shared business or romance. You easily blend your ideas and help each other manifest your ideas.

    You may also both talk about your devotion to each other openly, showing others that this relationship is serious and you are both loyal to each other.

    Rather than becoming bored with the connection, the two of you feel empowered and comfortable helping each other see your ideas through to completion.

    Mercury opposite Juno in the composite chart

    You may both make exciting plans and then drop the ball before following through.

    It’s difficult for the two of you to make commitments in this relationship because you’re each likely to continually second guess yourselves, change your mind or simply get distracted.

    Even simple commitments like planning a date or trying to collaborate on a project can lead to frustrations as the two of you get distracted by changing thoughts, plans and ideas.

    A major lesson in this relationship is for the two of you to balance flexibility and adaptability with some degree of commitment to each other.

    Mercury quincunx Juno in the composite chart

    You may both have reservations about commitment and openly showing your devotion in the relationship.

    You may want consistency and stability in the relationship, but feel a fear of commitment.

    You may also fear being stifled if you make your desires and intentions known. This relationship can help you both find the confidence to express your loyalty and commitment to your ideas and plans.

    Through this connection, you can also learn to balance adaptability and commitment. You may help each other to learn to take commitment seriously while also being flexible with changing circumstances.

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