Venus and Uranus aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we change each other’s views of love and romance in unexpected ways?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Uranus-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Uranus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to turn each other’s worlds upside-down in unusual but thrilling ways.

    You may meet under shocking circumstances. This relationship may also broaden horizons for both of you.

    Neither of you will hold back as passions take hold and bring you both into uncharted territory. The two of you are likely to see each other as unusual, individual and creative.

    This relationship can bring out the best of your creativity and you can become innovative and resourceful as a couple.

    You are never at a loss for adventure and excitement. This relationship can bring the two of you into connection with some unusual concepts and ideas, yet this just adds to the passion and intensity of the relationship.

    Venus sextile Uranus in the composite chart

    You easily help each other break from tradition.

    This relationship may cause a scandal among those who have practical sensibilities, but neither of you will be likely to care.

    You’re both too independent and free-thinking to care about whether your shared interests are too unconventional or shocking to other people.

    You may even become a popular couple because you go against the grain. This relationship can help you both open your minds to new ideas and perspectives.

    You may be attracted to each other because of your unique and quirky habits. This relationship is likely to help you both break out of stagnation and bring surprises into your lives.

    Venus square Uranus in the composite chart

    You may have great appreciation for each other but your attraction is likely to be disrupted by differences in your values.

    Your ideas of love and romance don’t exactly align. You can both become frustrated with each other because you don’t express your love in the same ways.

    Rather than giving up on the relationship, the two of you can gain motivation and commit to each other after working to overcome your inherent differences.

    You are likely to teach each other to appreciate new interests that would not have previously been a part of your lifestyle.

    Venus trine Uranus in the composite chart

    You are both highly attracted to each other and may see each other as a breath of fresh air.

    You can introduce each other to dramatic changes that shake up both of your perceptions when it comes to love and romance.

    Even though this relationship is likely to be passionate and volatile, the shocking circumstances you both face together help you to find liberation and can even improve your connection.

    Your love for each other stems from your individuality and unique sense of style and personality.

    Neither of you needs to compromise who you are to gain the other’s love. You may also help each other break through difficult decisions by supporting an impulsive move that helps you both grow.

    Venus opposite Uranus in the composite chart

    The two of you can clash when it comes to your views of love and romance.

    You may both challenge each other’s sense of individuality, as you may both assume that this relationship will overpower your personal choices.

    Trying to find balance between your desire for romance and love and the need each of you has for change, openness, and freedom, is not always easy.

    You may both have to find a balance between emotional connection and freedom in the relationship, but when you do find this middle ground, you can each bring excitement and affection into each other’s lives.

    Venus quincunx Uranus in the composite chart

    You are both likely to need to embrace some new or unusual changes that will help strengthen your relationship.

    Yet it’s not easy for you both to make the changes needed for this commitment to come to fruition.

    This relationship can challenge you both to overcome your fears of being true to yourselves and also showing vulnerability in the relationship.

    You may both help each other achieve breakthroughs that forever change your understanding of relationships.

    This can also lead you both to become more confident in the things that make you unique and quirky as this is part of the draw you both feel to each other.

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