Mars and Chiron aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we empower each other’s healing through unique wisdom and focus?

By 12andus

Mars-Chiron-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Chiron in the composite chart

This relationship is built on shared wounds that can help the two of you feel understood.

Through your connection to each other, you can both challenge each other to put past wounds in perspective. You can both find courage and confidence regardless of past wounds.

Knowing you share insecurities and traumas from the past can help you both put your guard down and encourage each other to succeed.

You may both see competition and winning as a way to prove yourselves and this relationship can encourage you both to become role models to each other, sharing the unique wisdom you’ve gained from your past wounds and hardships.

Though you understand each other’s desires, you may also become focused on maintaining control even if it means competing with each other. Try to share your enthusiasm and empower each other to take risks.

Mars sextile Chiron in the composite chart

You are both likely to help each other find purpose, drive, and motivation to succeed.

In spite of tensions of conflicts, you are both able to help encourage each other to put your wounds and past traumas in perspective.

You may be able to help each other find the confidence you need to trust your unique wisdom and grow in spite of past challenges.

You help each other turn crises into opportunities and can share a common goal of ensuring you both succeed.

You both help each other learn to find the strength and power you need because of past hardships. You may be inspiring and motivational healers in each other’s lives.

Mars square Chiron in the composite chart

You may be passionate about each other, but insecurities and fears from the past can stand in the way of this relationship.

You may have to both put some effort into working through past insecurities and fears related to self-acceptance and personal empowerment.

You both have a unique opportunity to challenge each other and make a difference in each other’s healing and self-acceptance.

This relationship can be intense, and you may feel friction or competition with each other.

You can struggle to overcome insecurities and work together as a unified team. Your past wounds and traumas can undermine your efforts to collaborate.

Yet if you are both willing to put forth the effort, you’ll be able to adjust your expectations and perspectives, especially when it comes to understanding past wounds and hardships.

Mars trine Chiron in the composite chart

You are both likely to fuel each other’s desires and fantasies.

Through this relationship, you can help each other overcome insecurities and wounds from the past.

This is an ideal relationship for you both to encourage each other’s passions and empowerment.

This relationship can help you both put past wounds in perspective so that you can both find strength and focus. Because you’ve both felt alienated or unappreciated in the past, you are mindful of admiring each other’s unique gifts.

You can also help each other take risks and share your unique perspectives and wisdom with others. You can be an intense, passionate, and encouraging couple.

Mars opposite Chiron in the composite chart

You may have a difficult time supporting each other’s mission to heal and influence others.

This is because your priorities tend to clash. You may also feel at odds with each other because your insecurities lead you to compete against each other.

This relationship can help you both overcome self-sabotage and learn to empower each other’s healing.

This relationship can help you both learn important lessons about self-acceptance and unconditional love.

Putting your personal ambitions aside is crucial to helping you both heal and find empowerment together.

Mars quincunx Chiron in the composite chart

Through this relationship you are both able to grow and learn important lessons about self-confidence.

You may have to work through awkward phases of competition or undermining each other because of unresolved insecurities.

Through this relationship, you can both come to better appreciate your own unique gifts.

This relationship also helps you both learn to take risks to embrace your strengths as well as the parts of your personality that still need healing.

You can stand out as wise and intuitive healers in each other’s lives if you are both first able to grow in your confidence to trust yourself.

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