Mars and Lilith aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we encourage each other’s creative and wild side?

Mars-Lilith-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Lilith in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other’s passion and intensity.

This relationship is an inspiration for you both to show your passions and motivation. You are both driven to succeed and can become competitive with each other.

Through your connection to each other, you are also both able to encourage each other to take risks.

This relationship brings both of you together over a shared desire to express your wild and sometimes shocking energy.

You may both break with convention and show your dramatic lust and desire for each other, yet you also both crave independence and won’t be likely to compromise.

The key to success in this relationship is for you both to join forces and channel your energy toward a shared goal. You also both need to be completely honest about your boundaries and desires.

A shared desire for power on your own terms can keep this relationship strong and excite you both.

Mars sextile Lilith in the composite chart

This can be a steamy, hot romance as the two of you easily motivate each other to explore your taboo desires.

Though you are both strong-willed and independent, you are able to encourage each other rather than competing with each other.

You can send sparks flying in this romance as you’re both likely to be catalysts for each other’s creativity and passion.

You may also encourage each other to explore taboo desires and unconventional sexual interests.

The balance of power in this relationship is crucial to helping you both succeed. Joining forces to pursue a common desire or ambition works well for the two of you.

Mars square Lilith in the composite chart

You are both driven to each other because you share a love of intense passion and power.

Yet neither one of you easily gives up any power in the relationship. You may both try too hard to stay in control.

Finding ways to collaborate is challenging for you both. You need to practice sharing space and that includes sharing the spotlight.

This isn’t easy for you both. You may arouse each other but you clash as you both want to be in charge and neither wants to acquiesce to the other’s dominating nature.

If you are both able to set aside your desire to be in control and find ways to share power in the relationship, you can have a passionate, invigorating and creative love affair that is truly satisfying for you both.

Mars trine Lilith in the composite chart

This relationship is a powerhouse and you both have an intense attraction to each other.

Through this connection, you can both encourage each other to express your unique desires.

This relationship can help you both be more honest and expressive about your sexual fantasies and drives to succeed.

You can both encourage each other to act on your wild and unbridled fantasies. You may inspire each other to take risks and embrace your true inner personalities.

Even aspects of your desires and ambitions that are too much for others are part of the attraction you have to each other.

Mars opposite Lilith in the composite chart

You are continually at odds with each other because you both always need to be in control.

You both clash with each other over matters of independence. It’s easy for you both to feel like the other is trying to control you and this can lead to you both lashing out in defensiveness.

You both trigger each other’s creativity and subconscious power but rather than working in alignment you tend to compete with each other or get involved with power struggles with each other.

You may end up pushing each other away or becoming fearful and mistrusting of each other because you feel your independence is threatened in this relationship.

It may take effort for you both to see each other’s perspectives, but with work you can come into alignment with each other and bring balance and passion into this relationship.

Mars quincunx Lilith in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of your shared intensity and passions.

Yet your goals don’t always align with each other. You can both become territorial and protective of yourselves, and it may be difficult for you both to collaborate with each other.

This relationship can bring important lessons involving respecting each other’s space and independence.

The more you both come to accept and work with your own inner power and subconscious fears, the easier it will be for the two of you to show your intense energy in creative ways.

You can help each other to focus on accomplishing your goals, finding motivation in your deep, suppressed desires and power.

Yet it takes effort and risk for you both to allow each other to play a motivating role in each other’s lives.

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