Jupiter and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other transform powerful beliefs and ideals?


    Jupiter-Pluto-Conj.jpg Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both intensely opinionated and may be attached to your beliefs and ideals.

    Yet through this relationship, you can both have an influential impact on each other. You can empower each other’s confidence.

    You can also encourage each other to make dramatic changes, letting go of the past and finding the confidence to start over.

    You may enter each other’s lives at a critical moment when change and release are needed. Through your connection, you are likely to help each other rise above limitations and transform your shared vision.

    This process may involve a significant change in beliefs as well. You’re both instrumental in helping to expand each other’s influence and change each other’s ideals.

    You may help each other through a phase of loss and rebirth, but even then, you’re likely to bring out each other’s potential for good fortune and success.

    Jupiter sextile Pluto in the composite chart

    You are intensely drawn to each other and may come together during a time of profound change.

    You see the best in each other and as a result you help to build up each other’s confidence.

    This relationship can help you both transform and find empowerment. You can bring out each other’s potential for leadership and have a positive impact on each other’s career.

    You’re both also likely to help each other embrace change and land on your feet in a way that others deem lucky or unusual.

    You can be drawn to each other because of a physical and sexual attraction yet this relationship is also intellectually stimulating to you both.

    Jupiter square Pluto in the composite chart

    You both share big dreams and ambitions, yet control issues can stifle this relationship.

    You may both want to remain in control and find security in micromanaging the relationship. This leads you both to feel constrained and can put a hamper on your growth and expansion as a couple.

    Yet if you are both able to make adjustments to your expectations and become more comfortable going with the flow and embracing a carefree approach, the relationship can become a source of inspiration and confidence.

    You both easily empower each other and can draw on the tension in this relationship to challenge yourselves to face your deeper fears.

    When you do this, you can let go of insecurities and find the energy to advance personally and professionally.

    You can help each other’s career because you’re both likely to stand out as leaders. When you work together, others see you as a bold, daring, ambitious and successful couple.

    Jupiter trine Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both attracted to each other and bring out each other’s sensual, generous and powerful nature.

    This relationship exudes power and you are both leaders in your own rite. Yet when you work together, you are an unstoppable couple.

    Charming and influential, you have celebrity energy as a couple. You can be generous and also recognize opportunities to improve your status as a pair.

    This can be a great placement for a romantic pair who works together, is in business together, or is frequently in the public eye.

    You dazzle everyone around you and can work together to charm the most resistant skeptic.

    You both easily help each other let go of the past and embrace personal transformation and this often leads to personal development.

    Jupiter opposite Pluto in the composite chart

    You are both likely to clash with each other because you need to feel empowered but resort to control tactics.

    Whether you try to “love bomb” each other by going too far to try to use emotional attachment to get your partner to follow your lead, or resort to possessiveness, you may both have to work on finding balance.

    This relationship can highlight issues of insecurities, manipulation, and jealousy. If you’re not both in control, you may try to undermine each other in order to feel more in control.

    This relationship can bring important lessons about leadership, power and control. Yet you may both need to get a better handle on your own style of dealing with power issues before trying to bring the relationship into balance.

    Jupiter quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

    This relationship can help you both learn important lessons related to power and control.

    You may look to dominate each other at first. Then when that doesn’t work, you may try to use materialism and generosity to influence each other.

    Yet what you both need to strive for is to find a balance between boosting each other’s confidence with genuine compassion and love, and helping each other face and overcome your subconscious fears.

    It’s important for you both to recognize your own deep-seated insecurities and how these fears lead you to try to manipulate or control each other.

    Only then can you both break this habit and fuel each other’s confidence and sense of empowerment in more genuine ways.

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