Saturn and North Node aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we work to materialize our desires and purpose?

Saturn-True_Lunar_Node-Conj.jpg Saturn conjunct North Node in the composite chart

You both bring out a Karmic connection that helps both of you evolve toward your mission.

Through this relationship, you are both able to live up to your purpose and mission.

Even hardships and limitations help you both move forward, rather than limiting your shared capabilities. This relationship can help you both awaken to your higher mission.

Through hardships and restrictions, you are both able to overcome fears and hesitation and move toward your higher shared purpose.

You may help each other narrow down your focus and overcome restrictions. Through this relationship you are both able to break with the past and evolve toward your higher purpose.

This is an empowering relationship that has a major impact on both of your lives for the long term, regardless of the exact nature of the connection you have to each other.

Saturn sextile North Node in the composite chart

This relationship easily helps you both bring your purpose and mission into formation.

You easily help each other manifest a path to advance your personal growth and evolution. Through this connection you are both able to bring Karmic lessons into alignment with your higher mission.

This relationship can help you both find purpose in your work, career, or through practical efforts.

Even when you face hardship or restrictions together, this relationship helps you both to focus on how you can personally grow to fulfill your mission.

You may both help each other navigate through a period of hardships and through your shared encouragement, you can help each other break new ground.

Saturn square North Node in the composite chart

You are both likely to clash when it comes to navigating through hardships.

Restrictions that arise on your shared path can lead you both to become stagnant. You may look to the past for resolution only to limit your shared vision.

It takes some effort for you both to align your desires and higher purpose with the steps you’ll both need to take so that you can overcome limitations and restrictions.

If you both put effort into the relationship you’ll be able to build on hardships or restrictions that help you both to awaken to new possibilities.

You can help each other fulfill your destiny if you are willing to learn from past Karmic issues.

Saturn trine North Node in the composite chart

This relationship helps you both align for your Karmic mission and purpose.

Through your connection to each other you may both find a clear and power path to overcoming hardship and striving to reach your higher goals.

Your shared vision may revolve around overcoming limitations and finding power in restrictions or hardships. Challenges can help you both overcome past limitations.

You can help each other work together to thrive and evolve as you grow to fulfill a shared destiny. You both may have a spiritual connection that helps you release Karmic challenges and learn important lessons that relate to your shared mission.

Saturn opposite North Node in the composite chart

You are both likely to clash over Karmic issues related to restriction and limitations.

It’s not easy for the two of you to align with each other and you may initially distract each other from dealing with hardships and fulfilling your purpose.

You can help each other to advance personally and spiritually by first working to better align with each other. Striking a balance between maintaining tradition and venturing off in new directions is essential.

One or both of you may become jealous or insecure about new opportunities in career or opportunities that take your partner’s focus off of tradition and the relationship.

But it’s important for you both to empower and encourage each other’s advancement rather than trying to hold each other in the past.

Saturn quincunx North Node in the composite chart

You are both likely to challenge each other on a deep level.

This relationship offers you both opportunities for Karmic healing and personal growth. Yet the path to your shared destiny is a challenging one.

You both need to learn to become comfortable working through restrictions. Patience is also required for this relationship to thrive.

If you are both able to find the confidence and focus to help each other through hardships, you can help each other navigate through limitations and follow a path that helps you both fulfill your higher mission.

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