Uranus and Neptune aspects in the Composite Chart: How is our unique and intuitive connection with each other?

Uranus-Neptune.jpg Uranus conjunct Neptune in the composite chart

This relationship may feel intense and your emotional connection is profound.

You may have brilliant ideas when you work together and both feel as if you’re tapping into a larger, divinely inspired, creative force.

You are also intuitively connected to each other and may frequently finish each other’s sentences, or not even need to.

There is a lot of empathy and psychic connection between the two of you and you may feel as if you are always on the same page.

Although you have a strong intiuitive bond and can sense each other’s intentions with dynamic energy, verbal communication may be lacking in the relationship.

It’s important not to overlook this type of communication while you both also develop your psychic connection to each other.

Uranus sextile Neptune in the composite chart

You both inspire each other to have sudden breakthroughs.

Others may see you as a couple that is deeply attuned to each other’s vision and desires. You are often swept away by your romantic or idealistic pursuit of a perfect future.

You can both easily help each other express your fantasies and higher vision although you may also know you are in alignment without having to say it.

This relationship can be a source of spiritual and intellectual stimulation as you’ll both want to help each other grow and evolve.

You also both find it important to work together toward shared humanitarian healing and goals.

Uranus square Neptune in the composite chart

You may feel tension and friction between your intuitive sense of connection to each other and periodic erratic outbursts.

You can both be empathic toward each other yet may also periodically seem to rebel against the connection.

You may both suddenly have erratic moods that make you both question the relationship or feel as if you are holding each other back.

If you are both able to put the effort and energy into aligning with each other, you’ll be able to improve communication and stop making assumptions about each other’s intentions.

Learning to communicate when you feel stifled is key. This work to adjust your thinking can also help the two of you to successfully join forces and channel your intense creative energy.

Uranus trine Neptune in the composite chart

This relationship can easily draw on your intuitive connection to each other and create an intellectual, spiritual and emotional bond.

You may help each other achieve important breakthroughs. You are also likely to be in tune with each other’s desires and vision for the future.

You can inspire each other and may help each other through psychic awakenings and epiphanies.

Your relationship thrives on breakthroughs and you may frequently be busy responding to these insights that compel you to pursue new projects or ideas.

Although you are both intellectually connected to each other there is also plenty of emotional and spiritual connection in this relationship as well.

You may feel like soul mates or have a sense of operating on both the physical and spiritual plane as partners simultaneously.

Uranus opposite Neptune in the composite chart

You are likely to feel at odds with each other as this relationship creates tension between your intellectual and spiritual desires.

Your sense of timing or intuition may be off in this relationship. You may project your wounds or fears onto each other while thinking that you are actually reading each other’s intentions.

This relationship offers you both the opportunity to align your spiritual and intellectual vision and work together to create personal breakthroughs.

Yet this is not an easy path. You both will have to work hard to align these two goals rather than feeling like you have to choose one over the other.

Uranus quincunx Neptune in the composite chart

You help each other to learn to value of trusting your intuition.

This relationship does not run smoothly from the beginning. You both have to put effort into personal growth and healing.

Once you are both better able to trust and appreciate your own intuition, you’ll be better able to blend your spiritual gifts of empathy and your intellectual gifts for insight.

You can develop a knack for helping to anticipate what each other needs for the future, but this is only likely to be accurate and helpful if you’ve both first dealt with your own insecurities.

In the long run, this relationship can offer you both much in the way of empathy, intuitive connection, and spiritual and emotional growth.

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