Uranus and Pluto aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we navigate intense and unexpected change together?

By 12andus

Uranus-Pluto.jpg Uranus conjunct Pluto in the composite chart

This is a powerful yet often challenging relationship when it comes to facing changes.

When shifts are on the horizon for the two of you as a couple, there is usually nothing subtle or gradual about it.

This can put stress on your relationship as you may both feel as if you are always reacting to deep, profound, and sudden change that forces you both to go to extremes.

It’s difficult for the two of you to feel like you’ve established a baseline or gotten your footing in the relationship.

Yet if you are both mindful of the roles in the relationship and careful to nurture each other and create routines or frameworks that are consistent, the relationship can feel more grounded.

It’s important for you to both support each other through extreme changes and upheaval as this can be a foundation for personal transformation for you both.

Uranus sextile Pluto in the composite chart

You are both attracted to each other’s intense and unique energy.

This relationship may lead you both to go to extremes during times of change, feeling as if you have to adapt by taking an all-or-nothing standpoint.

While that may be the case sometimes, you can both be instrumental in helping each other to recognize when moderation is the way to go and when extreme and all-encompassing transformation is inevitable.

This relationship can bring change and creativity into your lives but may also lead you both through intense territory as you face inner fears together and recreate your path as a couple.

You may both have the sense that you are repeatedly regenerating your identities and purpose.

Yet you can both serve as powerful emotional and spiritual supports for each other in this process.

Uranus square Pluto in the composite chart

You are both likely to clash with each other during times of change and transformation.

You may need to be in alignment with each other most during these times to help each other break new ground.

Yet it’s challenging for the two of you to buy in to each other’s vision of change and also to find security and stability in the process of adapting to changes.

This relationship offers lessons on using your creativity to work together and share power and authority.

Until you both understand these lessons, however, you may self-sabotage or try to undermine each other out of possessiveness, competition or jealousy.

Your goal as a couple should be to help each other see beneath the surface and anticipate shifts in energy on the horizon so you can work together to navigate transformation.

But in order to do this, you will have to make conscious choices about power in the relationship so you can side with each other.

Uranus trine Pluto in the composite chart

You can both have a profound impact on each other in deep and meaningful ways.

You are brought together during intense times of change and transformation and can help each other embark on a journey of rebirth.

This relationship can help you both release past attachments and embrace sudden, unexpected change.

Though the path may be rocky and unpredictable, going to extremes can help you both to free yourselves of past attachments and expectations.

You can both find it easy to put your talents and intuition together and help each other through the reinvention process and this leads to growth and evolution as a couple.

Uranus opposite Pluto in the composite chart

The two of you may spar with each other when change is imminent.

You may both feel threatened when faced with sudden and unpredictable changes. This can lead you to clash with each other and undermine not only the relationship but your own potential to gain perspective.

Through this relationship, you can both learn important lessons about leveraging power and using creativity in the midst of changes.

This relationship can also help you both experience complete and deep transformation while also finding empowerment and security.

You don’t have to choose between feeling empowered and embracing dramatic and unusual changing circumstances.

But you also will have difficulties helping each other to navigate this path if you haven’t first dealt with your own inner fears.

Uranus quincunx Pluto in the composite chart

This relationship is challenging for the two of you as you try to balance independence with having control over every situation.

But when faced with sudden, profound, and unexpected changes, you may both revert to self-sabotage or manipulation to try to feel in control.

If you aren’t aware of the subconscious motivations behind these reactions, you may work against each other rather than working together during times of change.

It’s important for the two of you to form a supportive bond that allows for and embraces change and the unknown.

Helping each other to let go of control and embrace change can be a fundamental lesson for the two of you in this relationship.

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