Uranus and North Node aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other fulfill our unusual and unique purpose?

Uranus-True Lunar Node-Conj.jpg Uranus conjunct North Node in the composite chart

A unique and shocking purpose may be in store for the two of you as a couple.

Through this relationship, you easily guide each other to advance on your shared paths and in doing so, you unveil the purpose of the relationship.

This purpose is likely to be something extending far beyond what the purpose of the relationship initially seems to be.

In other words, it’s not just a relationship based on romance or being colleagues, family or friends.

This relationship helps to carry you two toward your destiny. You are meant to work together toward a purpose that is higher and farther reaching than your individual desires.

This partnership can help you both embrace personal and shared awakenings that bring you further on your path toward your shared destiny.

Uranus sextile North Node in the composite chart

It’s easy for the two of you to awaken each other’s sense of purpose.

Your shared destiny is tied to unusual and unexpected changes that you face together.

Though you may have to drop your expectations and adjust to a changing tide, this relationship is instrumental in helping you both accomplish your purpose.

You may help each other make erratic or surprising changes that help awaken you to your destiny.

This relationship can also be a vehicle for both of you to more easily embrace changes beyond your control, but which serve a higher purpose.

Uranus square North Node in the composite chart

This relationship can challenge you both to uncover your higher purpose.

You do align with each other for a reason that extends beyond what you initially expect. But unveiling that higher purpose is not easy for the two of you.

You may be resistant to changes that would compel you to help support each other as you move toward your shared destiny.

You may also both find it difficult to maintain a connection in the midst of sudden upheaval and erratic changes.

This too can make it challenging to see the higher purpose in the relationship as well as the higher purpose in the changes taking place.

Through this relationship, you are both challenged to make adjustments so that you can see the purpose and mission you are both working toward.

This is not an easy process but you both help to motivate each other to look beneath the surface when facing challenges or changes.

Uranus trine North Node in the composite chart

You both easily help each other to advance toward your shared purpose and destiny.

It’s clear to you both from the start that you are brought into each other’s lives to shake things up and help each other overcome limitations.

Though this relationship brings many surprises, it is also clear to you both that these unsettling changes are helping the two of you to advance toward your purpose.

You may seem to share lucky breaks together as twists and turns help you advance on your path.

You may also easily help each other find meaning and purpose in unexpected circumstances that you face together in the relationship.

Uranus opposite North Node in the composite chart

This can be a challenging relationship for you both.

You may feel you’re destined for a greater purpose. Yet it’s not easy for the two of you to reveal that purpose as dramatic shifts and changes become distractions for the two of you.

You may endure unexpected changes that are catalysts for you recognizing your higher purpose, but you may also both resist seeing this catalyst for what it is.

If you are both fighting against the tide of change or turning your anxieties and insecurities on each other rather than working together, this relationship can lead to stagnation rather than insight.

Yet you both have the opportunity to learn from each other and help each other discover breakthroughs that are key to this higher understanding of the purpose of your relationship.

Uranus quincunx North Node in the composite chart

This relationship offers important lessons related to embracing breakthroughs and changes as essential to unveiling your shared purpose.

Yet it is also likely that the two of you will challenge each other to pursue your shared mission because erratic and unpredictable changes can lead you to react in chaotic ways at first.

You may both need to find your personal sense of center and remain aligned with your higher goals before trying to work together to navigate a challenging path filled with changes and surprises.

Yet when you are both confident in your own capabilities, you’ll be better able to help each other advance toward your higher shared purpose.

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