Neptune and North Node aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we help each other heal and evolve toward a shared vision?

Neptune-True Lunar Node-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct North Node in the composite chart

You can both create a loving and romantic connection that helps you evolve toward your purpose.

You are also both intimately connected on a path toward a shared vision. This is an ideal relationship for romance and a deeply supportive and spiritually connected relationship.

This can be a good relationship for a shared interest in love and romance but also career, as you likely both have a sense of being destined to share each others’ lives.

This is also a great relationship for helping each other to awaken psychic and spiritual connection. This relationship may serve a purpose that extends beyond your immediate desires as a couple.

You both have a sense of being a part of each other’s lives because of some larger destiny that unites you both. This relationship helps the two of you find a spiritual and intuitive connection that is healing and transformative.

Neptune sextile North Node in the composite chart

You are both easily drawn to each other because you sense a spiritual connection and higher purpose.

This sense of shared mission can awaken the spiritual and psychic connection you both have to each other and to the Universe.

It’s easy for the two of you to uplift and awaken each other’s sensitive nature and this relationship can be supportive and healing.

Through this connection you can both find it easy to flow into a new direction, pursuing interests and opportunities that are part of your shared purpose and higher path.

Neptune square North Node in the composite chart

You are both likely to come into each other’s lives at a key moment when a spiritual awakening is taking place.

This relationship can become the motivation for you both to expand beyond your comfort zone. You help each other to find clarity on your purpose and destiny.

This relationship is not easy for the two of you as you may initially trigger each other’s deep wounds and emotions.

The two of you are likely to help each other overcome confusion and illusions so that you can see your shared path clearly.

You can both help each other to find a greater connection to your spiritual wisdom and higher purpose.

Neptune trine North Node in the composite chart

The two of you are likely to connect on a deep and emotional as well as spiritual level.

Your relationship is likely more than either friendship or romance. With each other’s help, you’re both able to evolve personally and undergo significant healing and transformation.

You can both help each other to see your true mission and potential. This can be an important relationship contributing to your shared healing and development.

This relationship can also help you both expand into new opportunities that align with your higher ideals.

Your link to each other is Karmic and many synchronicities may emerge in this relationship. You may also easily feel psychically connected to each other, realizing you have an important mission to accomplish together.

Neptune opposite North Node in the composite chart

This relationship can lead you both to confront illusions and insecurities.

You may avoid awakening to your true potential and tiptoe around each other because strong emotional and spiritual chemistry is at play in this relationship.

Though you both understand you’re drawn together for an important reason, it can be difficult for the two of you to truly align your missions.

You can have opposing beliefs or ideals and may clash over what you both believe is the right path to take.

This relationship can be a source of great spiritual awakening. You may both come to appreciate and understand each other’s higher mission and potential and help support each other’s growth.

Neptune quincunx North Node in the composite chart

You can both find it challenging to connect on a spiritual level and fulfill your shared mission to each other.

This relationship brings important lessons involving your true purpose and higher mission. You may be called on to help each other heal emotional wounds in the process.

You can both help each other become more secure in trusting your intuition and spiritual connection.

This relationship can help you both become more confident and empowered to share your vulnerable, healing and empathic nature not just with each other but with the world.

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