Neptune and Pallas aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we intuitively help each other find creative strategies together?

Neptune-Pallas-Conj.jpg Neptune conjunct Pallas in the composite chart

The two of you are intimately connected to each other and can easily convey your empathy.

Intuition plays a central role in this relationship. The two of you can also instantly understand each other’s subconscious desires.

It may feel as if you’re reading each other’s minds because you easily anticipate each other’s deep emotional and subconscious needs.

Because of this, you both have a unique and empathic understanding of how to guide each other. You may serve as mentors or helpers, guiding each other to solve problems.

You may feel as if you’ve met each other at a unique and special time or as if you’ve been intuitively led to each other.

This relationship may bring healing and creativity as you both help each other navigate through challenges. You easily support each other’s dreams and may have a deep understanding of how to help each other succeed.

Neptune sextile Pallas in the composite chart

You are both likely to come into each other’s lives at an important and vulnerable time.

You are both in tune with each other’s deep emotional desires and can help guide each other in ways that bring healing and help you both become more open and vulnerable.

You are each easily able to read each other’s emotional needs. You work together easily to tap into each other’s subconscious desires.

You can also both easily find intuitive strategies to help each other work through wounds and difficulties.

This can also be an important relationship for you both as you help each other form a deep and powerful bond and serve as guides for each other through tribulations.

Neptune square Pallas in the composite chart

You may clash with each other when it comes to finding winning strategies to succeed.

This relationship helps you both find the motivation and clarity you need to solve problems, but you may not initially feel comfortable with each other’s perspectives.

You may seek concrete guidance whereas this relationship is a source of intuitive inspiration. You may both have to work through trust issues to help each other trust in your game plan.

This relationship helps you both adjust your perspectives and welcome innovative and intuitive ideas.

You can help each other grow spiritually and evolve to become more intuitively connected.

Neptune trine Pallas in the composite chart

You both easily inspire each other to follow your intuition and help each other succeed.

This relationship can be a source of spiritual guidance. You may both find it easy to help each other overcome challenges and barriers to your larger vision.

Through this connection, you are both able to imagine new strategies that help you solve problems and accomplish your goals.

You both inspire each other to follow a more spiritual and intuitive path to achieving your dreams.

You can serve as compassionate and sensitive mentors to each other.

Neptune opposite Pallas in the composite chart

It’s difficult for the two of you to find the balance between your intuitive desires and higher vision.

You may both feel as if your missions clash with each other. You’ll need to put effort into understanding each other’s unique ideas and strategies.

You are both compelled to act based on your intuition yet it’s challenging for you both to align with each other’s vision.

You will both need to stretch outside of your comfort zone to really envision the strategies and ideas each other conveys.

This relationship offers important lessons in finding balance between following your intuition and developing practical strategies to pursue your mission together.

Neptune quincunx Pallas in the composite chart

This relationship is likely to bring important lessons for you both.

You will both come to better understand each other’s intuitive vision and higher goals. Your ideals don’t initially align but with some effort, you can both inspire each other’s fidelity.

This is an important relationship that helps you both honor and recognize your intuitive gifts. You may also work together to help each other awaken to higher wisdom.

If you are both willing to become more confident in your own intuition and creative vision, you can become important mentors for each other.

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