North Node and Midheaven aspects in the Composite Chart: How does our shared purpose relate to our public reputation or career?

True Lunar Node-MC-Conj.jpg North Node conjunct Midheaven in the composite chart

The two of you are likely to share a higher purpose that completely aligns with your public reputation and career path.

You may both seem obviously destined to fulfill a specific mission and your shared talents and reputation are perfect for the two of you to enact your destiny.

Whether you have a shared role in politics or are leaders with great influence, it’s easy for the two of you to reach large numbers of people and spread your message.

Your ideals and higher purpose are easily exposed through your shared leadership. You may both easily convey your message and purpose to the public and your career is another vehicle for the two of you to fulfill your mission.

North Node sextile Midheaven in the composite chart

You can both encourage each other to follow your shared ideals and mission through your career.

The two of you may be helpful in making new introductions or connections that help each other ascend in status. Your shared career paths or public image is helpful to opening new doors that allow you to pursue your mission.

Through this connection you are both easily able to succeed in career. You help give each other a boost and improve each other’s reputation and credibility.

This relationship can be a vehicle for the two of you to rise to prominence and exert influence in the public sphere.

North Node square Midheaven in the composite chart

The two of you challenge each other’s mission and can create friction when it comes to your public image.

You may have to work through scandals or rumors in order to strengthen each other’s reputations. With some effort you can both come to support each other’s career growth.

It’s not easy for the two of you to align your personal ambitions with your overall mission and purpose.

Yet with effort you can accomplish this. When you do you’ll be better able to support each other’s destinies.

This relationship can help you both find the motivation to overcome barriers and express your true calling and purpose.

North Node trine Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both likely to influence each other’s higher ideals and destiny in some instrumental ways.

Your career paths and public image can help you both stand out as leaders and inspirational guides to others.

You are both likely to have a positive impact on shaping each other’s destiny and can also help others align with your message and your mission.

You may have an open, public, and transparent connection to each other and others easily recognize that you are both on a healing mission.

Your shared purpose is intertwined with your shared career path and public reputation. The image the two of you have and your status and career path can also help you two accomplish your higher mission.

North Node opposite Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both intensely drawn to each other but may struggle to align your higher mission and your career path.

You may both feel like you need to choose between your career dreams and your connection to each other.

Yet this is not the only choice you two have. If you put some effort into creating harmony and balance in the relationship, you can both create a path to success in career.

You can also come to understand how your career path also aligns with your shared mission and purpose as a couple.

North Node quincunx Midheaven in the composite chart

You are both likely to find it difficult to balance your career path and your true calling as a couple.

Your mission requires you both to make some adjustments to your public personas and career path.

This relationship can help you both find the confidence and clarity you need to stand out as leaders who help influence others.

You can come to align with your higher purpose but it takes some effort for the two of you to overcome insecurities and fears related to walking in alignment with your mission and ideals.

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