Vesta and Ascendant aspects in the Composite Chart: How do we openly show our devotion to each other?

Vesta-AC-Conj.jpg Vesta conjunct Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both authentic and transparent when it comes to showing your devotion to each other.

This relationship can help you both express your spiritual ideals in open and direct ways. You may recognize each other as having similar interests or being of a like mind when it comes to your higher calling.

This relationship helps you both solidify your purpose related to serving others. You both easily devote yourselves to a cause that involves bringing healing and wisdom to others.

You are also both easily able to recognize each other’s ideals as you are open and transparent about the mission to which you are dedicated, and you both have a shared common vision that you help each other achieve.

Vesta sextile Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both likely to support each other’s higher mission as you align with similar values and vision.

You are easily able to show your devotion and passion for inspiring each other’s ambitions. You can help each other bring spiritual healing and awareness to others and may also embody a higher vision together.

Through this relationship you can help each other share your mission. You make it clear that you are on a mission to be of service to others. You both are transparent about your routines and practices that relate to health and spirituality.

You can put a higher purpose and mission above your personal ambitions and are eager to help each other follow your spiritual calling.

Vesta square Ascendant in the composite chart

You may both face tension between your higher vision and purpose and the first impression you have of each other.

Your potential to work together as allies may not be obvious at first. This relationship can be a source of tension because you both need to work to change your perspective.

You may need to put some effort into finding the confidence to outwardly support each other’s higher spiritual mission. Through this relationship you can both learn to find the motivation you need to draw on your spiritual beliefs and create meaningful routines and habits.

You can help to eventually inspire each other to find ways to openly express your ideals through acts of service. Though you may initially have personal ambitions in mind, you help each other to devote your energy to pursuing your shared vision and mission.

Vesta trine Ascendant in the composite chart

You may both easily align with each other’s bigger vision.

Your shared wisdom is expressed through your devotion to service. You may both openly show your ideals through your habits and daily practices. You’re authentic and transparent about your dedication to a higher mission.

This relationship helps you both embody your spiritual beliefs. You both easily align with each other’s commitment to service and can find pleasure and ecstasy in expressing your spiritual vision.

You may both inspire each other to show your selfless nature. This relationship can also stand out to you both as a source of inspiration and Divine wisdom. You easily support each other’s ambitions and vision.

Vesta opposite Ascendant in the composite chart

You may clash with each other because you don’t easily align with each other’s spiritual vision.

This relationship may challenge you both to face your calling and let go of your personal ambitions and embrace selfless service to others.

Yet you don’t easily find balance between your devotion to a higher mission and your outer agenda. You may both have to put some effort into finding the balance between your desire for intimacy and pleasure and your higher mission.

This relationship offers you both important lessons about self-sacrifice, service, and your true mission.

Through this connection you can both come to empower each other to openly express your spiritual vision and ideals.

Vesta quincunx Ascendant in the composite chart

You are both drawn to each other because of your intense energy and creativity.

Yet you may not easily align with each other’s higher vision. You both need to work through insecurities so that you can openly express your spiritual ideals through your habits.

You may try to explore pleasure and hedonism without balancing this with your need to live up to your spiritual mission. With effort, you’ll both be able to inspire each other’s confidence.

You’ll have to work through lessons that involve sacrifice in order to gain confidence to openly follow your higher ideals and establish routines that help you fulfill your spiritual mission.

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