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    I'm interested in the future of my relationship. My boyfriend and I are together for 4 years now, but I'm constantly insecure about many things. I an Pieces, he is Capricorn. Sometimes he is acting like I'm everything to him, and sometimes like I don't even exist. Lately I've been questioning myself about every little thing and that state of mind is really obsessing me. I would like to relax and be myself, but lately I can't. Please help. Thank you

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      Ivo - 12andus founder

      His most important planet is Capricorn, which can be quite detached and aloof in relationships and his most important planet is Uranus, which is everchanging and a freedom lover. Let's add that his Saturn falls in the house of relationships (7) and we portray exactly what you describe: a man who can be dedicated to you, but at times requiring space to be alone and freedom.

      There's a high sexual and spiritual connection between you and your man. Sounds like a good recipe for a tantric partnership! The 5th house in the composite chart is strong, reinforcing the sexual and creative part of your union.

      In the synastry chart we can notice your Pluto conjunct to his Moon as the main aspect. You might be surprised of how sensitve he might be when you act your powerful Plutonic energies. Pluto can be rough at times and his sensitivity could be easily hurt. On the other side, Your Moon is conjunct to his Neptune. This aspect melts each other's feeling. Sometimes you are not aware whether is it his feeling reflecting yours or the opposite. You flow, share, bounce or even inundate emotions to each other. Because of this, you both need to stay present and connected to your roots to avoid misunderstandings. This aspect can bring a degree of confusion and continuous emotional changes. You might at times consider each other as unreliable.

      He has 5 planets located in your 2nd house, suggesting an important influence in your sense of value and in your financial life. Also, his Moon, Venus and Pluto are in your 12th house, stimulating your life toward a bohemian, spiritual and/or imaginative life. Be careful about the dark aspects of the 12house as in abusing substances or choosing illusion over reality.

      Your Venus is placed in his 10th house. Your love enlightens and supports also his professional life and his visibility to the world.

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          hi, I'd need also his birth data. Please send them to me privately in a message here on the site. Just knowing his sign is not enough.

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