Which profession should I choose?

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    Hi! I'm currently in teaching alongside pursuing my higher studies. I've interest in various fields namely writing, social service, acting, directing, business and fields relating to creativity apart from the one I'm pursuing right now. Kindly help me find what profession will be most suitable for me and offers most success.

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      Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      Hi Yyoti, since your most important house is the 6th, teaching and social service is definitely one of your skills. Uranus is located in the 6th house, giving a taste of creativity and innovation to your career.

      Being your Midheaven (Medium Coeli) in Taurus, your career efforts are supported by steadfastness and sometimes a bit of stubborness. You need security and be sure that you are in charge. You are oriented to seek business opportunities as a way to comfort your financial security needs. Anything into art, real estate, agriculture or banking would be fitted.

      You strong aspect of Venus conjunct Neptune, both in the 5th house, is weel suited for acting and creativity. Neptune can morphe into any character, and Venus provides charm and sensual magnetism.

      Your Leo Ascendant contributes to your desire to be on a stage. However, more than a career, I see that as a place where you can express your passion and creativity. More often that not, wanting to transform a passion into a career makes the passion dry.

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          Thank you!
          That does answer a lot of questions :)