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    Hi, what sort of career path would be best for me? I am an IT student and I dream big stuffs, including entrepreneurship. Also, I have great interest in Astrology and Stock market, could these things lead into a career?? Really need help in these stuffs. Please clarify about the combinations occuring in the 11th house and the effect of debilitated jupiter in my life. Thank you !!
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      Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      Hello Asmin,
      Sun conjunct Saturn in Aries are well positioned for entrepreneurship. Sun gives the motivation and the energy and Saturn the steadfastness and constancy which might sometimes be lacking to Aries.

      Actually there's a triple conjunction also with Venus. While Venus is not traditionally connected to entrepreneurship, it doesn't harm to have a certain amount of grace, harmony and tenderness to balance Saturn which could become aloof and a cold worhaholics. And Venus will take care of spending the money Saturn acquired through hard work! :-)

      All of those for you important planets are positioned in the 11th house, the house of the group, the collective, the house of sociality. Since is ruled by Aquarius and by Uranus, it has a good affinity with technology and innovations. Something related to social networks seems fit. (Don't be a competitor to 12andus ok? :-)

      You third most important planet after Sun and Saturn is Neptune. Neptune feels at home when things aren't exactly "digitally" defined. Neptune loves ancient sciences, astrology, spirituality. Being in the 8th house, it's connected to money and the stock market also. However, Neptune can trigger irrational emotions and delusions, so let Saturn check things before believing your feelings.

      Your Jupiter, even though is not very strong in your chart, is not debilitated. I see mostly positive aspects: 3 sextiles, one trine and a conjunction to Uranus.

        • Ivo-12andus founder
          Ivo-12andus founder

          hi Asmin, great to know you are into astrology. I'd look at your natal chart as soon as I can.