The future off my career?

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    Currently i am studing IT tehnologies.I would really like to know , whether my career would be in that area or other ?

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      Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      hello, you natal chart for sure suggests you have the right skills for working in the IT industry.

      Pluto and Mercury in the 12 house predispose you to go deep into facts and dig for anything hidden. It looks also an aspect prone to be an IT security expert or... a hacker!

      Virgo as your most important sign adds the love of details and the needed precision for such a job. Being the 2nd house your most important one, where Jupiter Uranus and Neptune are, your skills might be applied to finance.

      Your Venus is located in the 10th house (Medium Coeli) which is the highest point of the natal chart. The Medium Coeli is our visibility in the world and often is related to our professional success and career. Your Venus is in Libra and conjunct to the Node. Being in Libra exaltes the Venusian qualities of beauty, affection and good manners. Venus' position advises a career about beauty, luxury, sensuality, relationships. Such a career can be combined with IT as in selling fashion online or developing a dating site or anything which combines Venus' qualities with IT.

      However, the opposition of Venus with Saturn might shape Venus with a serious and a bit detached or cold attitude. Since Saturn is in the 4th house, you might find some resistances in your Venusian expression by your family or country of origin, which you might accept as indispensable delays in order to grow your maturity and experience.